Gear Review: GapFit gfast capris

Since $100+ yoga pants are definitely out of my budget, I’m always on the lookout for quality capris or leggings at a fraction of the price. When I saw that Gap had an activewear line, I was really excited. For the most part, I like the quality of Gap clothes and so I wanted to check out what they had.

ImageGap’s activewear line is called GapFit and they carry everything from sports bras to jackets. I am reviewing their gfast capris.  I am 5’2″ and maybe around 105-110 pounds (I don’t really weigh myself) and bought two of them in a small – one in black and one in a heather gray.  They run to about mid-calf/lower calf on me.  I use them in heated power yoga classes. Overall, these fitted nicely and were great at sweat absorption. They also dried quickly post-class if I stayed in them for a bit to make dinner.  The material feels a bit thicker/heavier than some of my other capris.  I always do a quick check in the fitting room for sheerness. I also tend to sneak a peek at my behind during happy baby pose (I’m usually in the front row and there are mirrors in class) as another check for sheerness and these provide pretty great coverage. I’m pretty happy with the capris in the heather gray but I’ve had some problems with the one I purchased in black. They seemingly still fit but they keep sliding down. I’m constantly fidgeting and having to pull them up during class or when I’m walking around. It doesn’t feel like they have stretched out, as some of the reviewers of the capris have mentioned, but the fit is just off. I can’t remember if they were like this when I originally bought them but it’s a bit annoying.

These capris retail for $50 but you never EVER have to buy anything for retail price at Gap. They always have special coupons/sales where you can anywhere from 20-30% off your purchases. I bought both for $35 each.


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