Possibly Prepping for a Home Practice…And Discounts on YJ DVDs

So my front desk trade at CorePower Yoga is being discontinued and I’m working to find another trade opportunity before my current trade deal expires.  As I mentioned in a previous post, these trade opportunities can be hard to come by so I’m hoping I’ll be able to find something soon since I certainly can’t afford $130/month for membership.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do if something can’t be worked out so I’ve been playing around with a couple of ideas.

1. Put it on the credit card.  This is definitely the very last option and not likely to happen but I’m listing it first since it’s the easiest way to continue with my current yoga practice.  Doing the breakdown if I went to classes 6 days/week (I pretty much take class everyday), this option would cost me less than $5 per class.  A sub-option of putting a yoga membership on the credit is to shop around for a studio with a less expensive rate.

2. Checking out the daily deal sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial.  I’ve already seen some decent deals ranging from $30 to $40/month to studios I’ve wanted to check out anyway.

3. Taking advantage of the freebies.  There are enough studios out there that offer some sort of free deal for new students, whether it be one free class or a free week.  I’ve been compiling a list (very short list) of studios that offer these free deals in the area.  I think this will get me a total of a few weeks to a month of yoga at various studios.

4. Starting a home practice.  There are various approaches to this option.  I could create classes for my students and actually “take” them myself, not just testing them out through my body, but this is unlikely to last long.  There’s a reason why yoga teachers still take classes or people get coaches for their training.  I will get a yoga practice in but it won’t be nearly as challenging as if someone else was guiding me.

Another part of creating a home practice could include subscribing to online yoga classes through sites such as Yogaglo, My Yoga Online, YogaVibes, or Yogis Anonymous which I’m more inclined to do.  All these sites offer various styles of yoga and classes from some well-known teachers.  All you need is a computer and an account and you can stream hundreds of classes from anywhere.  Here’s a breakdown of what I found in terms of cost for each of these sites:

  • Yogaglo – offers a 15 day free trial and then it costs $18/month
  • MyYogaOnline – starts at $10 per month or you can get two months for $16 with an online coupon code.  Another coupon code exists for a free one week trial period as well.  I haven’t tested out the validity of the codes so if you are interested, check them out here.
  • YogaVibes – offers a 15 day free trial and then it costs $20/month
  • YogisAnonymous – this is an actual studio in Santa Monica and they stream free classes during the week and as long as you catch it during the scheduled time, you have free access to it.  Otherwise, it costs $15/month to stream the classes.

And finally DVDs are an option.  But the purchase of a DVD only gets you so much and after that, it’s the same class over and over again.  This can be valuable depending on the type of DVD you get.  I purchased a stress reduction yoga DVD by Hala Khouri for a couple of reasons.  I rarely take gentle/restorative yoga classes and I am unlikely to pay money for it unless it is included in my membership so for me, I wanted to have it so I can come back to it whenever I needed it.  Additionally, I’m interested in providing yoga to underserved communities that don’t have access to yoga and this DVD would be beneficial in trauma reduction for those communities.

So if you want to consider a few DVDs for a home practice to save some money, Yoga Journal is offering an Earth Day sale with popular yoga DVDs going for $5-10.

Crossing my fingers that another trade opportunity comes through!




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