Gear Review: Pure Karma’s Kristy Legging

I was rifling through the sale rack at CorePower Yoga after one of my front desk trade shifts and came across these uber soft leggings.  I normally avoid this rack as much as possible but there were so many new things on the rack and I couldn’t resist.

Pure Karma seems like a relatively newer company based on what I saw on their website.  Here’s some more info about them (taken from their site): “Pure Karma is founded on a simple idea: It shouldn’t cost extra to do the right thing.  For us, doing the right thing means using eco-friendly fabrics in our line of fitness, yoga, and active lifestyle products – made here, int he USA. And charging less instead of more so you don’t have to choose between saving money and doing the right thing.”

purekarmaI tried on an x-small pair of the ‘Kristy’ leggings in charcoal and they fit like a glove.  Even after lots of washings, the softness of the fabric that made me pick this up remains.  There is a wide waistband with some detailing on the sides but unless you are wearing just a bra top, it’s probably going to be covered by your shirt.  I’m 5’2″ and there is slight bunching at the bottom but nothing bothersome.  If you are short like me, you could pull them down and around the heel as I’ve seen a lot of people do (I don’t get this at all – is it just me??).  I have only used these during hot power yoga sessions and after thoroughly drenching the leggings in my sweat (gross I know), they dried pretty quickly.  I’ve also done the check for sheerness and these passed the test.  Overall, I’m extremely happy with my purchase, especially since they were on sale for me.  At the regular price of $56, they are still a tad pricey if you don’t have disposable income but they are about half the price of the more expensive yoga pants.  Limited sizes being sold at Amazon at various price points depending on the size.  Currently only available in black.

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