Hump Day Inspiration


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“The important thing is not to catch something… What matters in life is the pursuit, and everything we learn along the way. The important thing is moving.” ~Killian Jornet

This quote caught my eye when I read the New York Times article on Killian Jornet, who is an incredible athlete.  I literally had my hand over my mouth as I was reading about his accomplishments – he is a freak of nature.  Anyhoo, I digress.  The quote brought me back to an inversion workshop during my teacher training.  I had been incredibly frustrated with an arm balance, forearm stand/pincha mayurasana.  I had been practicing for months and just couldn’t hold both legs up for any amount of time without tipping back into the wall.  That night however, I got into the pose, legs together, no wall…all for a glorious five seconds.  I was beyond thrilled.  I remember so many moments when I saw other people effortlessly come into the pose and all I wanted was to be able to do the same thing at that very moment.  But when I finally held my legs up all on my own that evening, all the persistence, dedication, and effort I had put out over the past few months came to me in those five seconds and it was the most amazing feeling.  Without all that hard work, that moment would have meant nothing to me.  Even though it only lasted a short amount of time and I knew I still had to work on it, I was more proud of myself for everything I had done to get to where I was that evening than the actual moment itself.  This quote is a nice reminder that we should really appreciate and take what we can from the moments of our journey instead of just fixating on the end goal, whether it be a job search, training for a race, or in this case, practicing a pose.


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