Healthy Kitchen Makeover on a Budget


photo by kightp

A very important part of living a healthy lifestyle is nutrition so here is my first budget friendly food post.  But are you feeling overwhelmed with all the exotic, trendy, and pricey foods that are making headlines for their health benefits?   What in the world is a mangosteen??  Actually I do know what they are since I ate them when I went to Vietnam as a child.

Healthy food does not have to be expensive or difficult to find.  In fact, when my boyfriend and I go grocery shopping, we usually split up our purchases with me buying all the produce and he gets everything else.  I eat a lot of produce, especially fruit, and I can tell you that 99% of the time, my bill comes out a lot less than his and this sometimes includes organic items and adding on items that are not produce.  I shop at a small chain called Sprouts and typically, they have awesome deals on their produce.  From time to time, the deals on their organic produce is cheaper than the regular stuff.  I don’t do this often but I also like buying produce at Asian supermarkets since they are pretty inexpensive there as well.  No matter where you shop or what stores are available to you, I came across this helpful article on Greatist on getting a healthy fridge and pantry makeover for different budgets.  If you are a follower of my blog, you’ll just need to scroll to the first list, which is the ‘strategically thrifty’ option and gives you basic and healthy staples to stock your kitchen as well as ideas on how to utilize it.  Check out the other lists for healthy options to jazz up your staples.

BTW, if you are not familiar with Greatist, they offer many articles and resources on ways to make better choices easier.  Since you are probably already on Facebook, like their page to get updates directly to your newsfeed.


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