Hump Day Inspiration


I came across this image yesterday and thought the timing was very appropriate for me.  I was running A LOT and every race was an attempt at a PR or it was prep for the next race where I would attempt a PR.  I was drained and in one of my last races, I wanted to give up pretty early on (though I did achieve that PR by three seconds).  Then a week later, I did the Camp Pendleton Mud Run  and just stopped pushing at mile 2 when we started running through sand (living social deal is still on!).  I had become mentally exhausted and decided to take a break from races late last summer.  I continued to run here and there but nothing serious.  Then I stopped running completely and focused solely on yoga and teacher training.

It’s been about eight or nine months and I’m itching to run again.  Starting over and getting winded after three miles is incredibly frustrating especially since I was used to running at a certain pace and a certain mileage per week.  I’m trying hard to remind myself that I took a long hiatus so it’s going to take time, dedication, willpower, sacrifice to get back in running shape.  And maybe putting money down on a race but which one…


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