Yoga in the City – Free Yoga from the Wanderlust Festival

Can’t make it to one of the 4-day Wanderlust Festival due to the cost?  Don’t feel like volunteering in exchange for the experience?  For all of those in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, the Wanderlust Festival is offering an urban yoga experience…for FREE.

Wanderlust Yoga in the City, San Francisco. Photo by Alex Wang

Wanderlust Yoga in the City, San Francisco. Photo by Alex Wang

“Yoga in the City (YITC) takes the pillars of our Wanderlust Festival experience and places them in an urban setting for you to experience a little taste of our epic 4-day adventures in your own backyard. We invite top local instructors to lead large, free charity-focused classes. Musical performances infuse classes and dance parties are prone to breaking out post-savasana. Vendors, artists and performers weave their flavor into the tapestry of the experience, making it a modern-day yogic celebration coming to your town for you to enjoy on a summers day.”

The next YITC event is in Chicago, then New York, and ends in Los Angeles on June 30.  I really, really want to go to the one in LA and am considering rallying a few friends to come with me to make it more worthwhile.  I live in San Diego and have a wedding to be at the day before so driving up just for the day doesn’t sound great since there is a good chance I’ll be sleep deprived.  Even though the event is free, I’d still have to cover the cost of gas and when you are only guaranteed one class for free, it doesn’t quite make sense.

Registration gives you one class for free but you can attend other classes if space is available.  YITC is also looking for volunteers so if you are interested in being behind the scenes as well, click on the city you want to participate in and find the “volunteer” tab under the “connect” link.


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