Review of YogaGlo

So this post is about a couple weeks late from when I promised I would have it.  It’s a weird thing about umemployment.  When I’m busy and have a lot going on, I’m super motivated and don’t mind adding on to my plate.  And now here I am not working and have all the time in the world, yet I don’t feel like doing anything.


I tried out YogaGlo using their free 15-day trial period.  When signing up, you have to give them your credit card number so if you are looking just to get the free yoga, make sure to cancel prior to the end of 15 days or they will automatically start charging your card $18 per month, which is the cost of membership.  Under your YogaGlo account, they also let you know how many days you have left on your trial.

The site is fairly easy to use and you can start by choosing classes based on various options.  There are over 20 teachers to pick from and some are pretty well known instructors that teach internationally.  There are also 10 different styles of yoga such as ashtanga, meditation, flow, kundalini, etc. so it gives you the option of mixing things up or trying out a new style that you might not have tried before if you had to pay.  Other options include choosing your class based on duration (ranges from 5 minutes to 2 hours) or skill level.

One of the main reasons I wanted to sign up for YogaGlo was because I wanted to take classes from certain instructors whose name I had come across or instructors I had heard so much about.  I took classes from Elena Brower, Kathryn Budig, Jason Crandell, Stephanie Snyder, and Dice Iida-Klein.  This was a great way to experience/preview a class from a well-known instructor without having to drop $20+ per class.  It’s also a great way to see whether or not those instructors are worth $20+ if you had the chance to take their class in person.  There was one instructor that was doing some sort of speed breathing during the flow and it just didn’t jive well with me at all.  I felt like I was in a lamaze class instead of a yoga class and mind you, this was not meant to be a pranayama workshop.

I did many of the intermediate/advanced classes and I would recommend yogis be comfortable with a variety of poses and alignment.  The instructors gave few cues if at all, probably on the assumption you are familiar with the pose.  Some are doing the poses with the students so you can see what’s going on if you are confused.  But many of the classes, they are walking around the room checking on the students or giving adjustments.  Though I didn’t check it out, there is a whole section for beginners.  I will say that if this is your first time ever doing yoga, I would really suggest seeking out a free beginner’s class in your neighborhood under the watchful eye of an instructor in the event you are doing something where you could potentially injure yourself.  Just let the instructor know and set yourself up in the back so you can see what everyone is doing because you will be looking around.  Everyone is looking around when they take their first class.

So with a home practice, there were some challenges that came up for me.

  • Specific with Yogaglo, there were so many options that I ended up spending way too much time picking out a class on my first day and had to cut my yoga class short.  Okay, this isn’t a Yogaglo issue, it’s my issue.  If you are like me and get overwhelmed with choices, you can spend one day doing this and add all the classes that interest you to a queue.
  • Also if you are like me, you probably don’t have a lot of extra space to dedicate to a home practice unless you are living with your parents or someone with a larger space.  The space where I decided to set up my yoga mat left me seeing the toilet everytime I was in downward facing dog – gross.  Midway through, I had to get up and shut the bathroom and bedroom doors to prevent future distractions.  There were some things that were off to the side that needed to be cleared each time to prevent them from getting in the way during the class.
  • Other interruptions were the other websites and applications that were open on my laptop.  For my first class, I had Facebook open and had the “ding” to notify me that there was some activity going on.  My phone was nearby and I responded to a text message while in a forward fold.
  • Knowing you can stop the class at anytime was a bit distracting, especially when I kept thinking about doing it, and then wanting to do it, and then trying to talk myself out of it, etc.  There were a couple of classes that I wasn’t really feeling or was just tired and came so close to just stopping the class…because I could.  I have only walked out of yoga class once and it was more of stumble – I hadn’t eaten much all day and did a seriously hot power yoga class and almost passed out.  But I digress.
  • My boyfriend being home in the space where I practice was weird.  For a hot second, I thought about just doing my class anyway but ended up finding a space just big enough for my mat in the bedroom, closed the door, and did my thing.
  • Sometimes, I just preferred going to the studio.  I’m home most of the day so it’s nice to be able to get out and practice in a space solely dedicated to yoga.
  • A minor annoyance for me is that I have carpet instead of hardwood floors but that’s not something I can change.  I just wanted to complain.

After the first two classes, I had figured out what worked best for me to keep me focused.  So be sure to set yourself up for success with your home practice and make the space and classes work for you.  I really enjoyed many of the classes and worked up a pretty decent sweat with most of them.  If I didn’t have my yoga for trade, I am pretty sure I would get a membership.  I sort of looked at YogaVibes, another membership site with some big name yogis as well, but only did one class and started going back to the studio so I wasted my free trial.  With either one, if you can figure out a space in your home and can truly carve out the time for yourself, this is definitely not a bad option for the price.


7 thoughts on “Review of YogaGlo

  1. Hello,
    first thank you so much for your insight and the idea to blog about cheap yoga classes. i did the yogaglo trial and enjoyed it very much. i agree with you that the options are way too many and u get distracted and sometimes end up browsing instead of practicing. this is why i wanted to share my favourite teachers of that site. stephanie snyder became a role model for me (watch her ted talk!). she tries to weave some personal wisdom into her classes wich i really apprechiate. also her classes have a good well rounded amount of postures wich she (in my opinion) explains so well, that i dont have to look at the screen anymore.
    tiffany cruikshank not only practices yoga her whole life, she has back up knowledge in sports medicine and orthopedic knowledge. she has a bunch of videos that explain certain postures in depth and that are specifically created to understand alignment and posture. i never had a hard time understanding her (i’m german) and enjoyed her athletic and caring way of teaching yoga. so there u go. those are my absolute favourite teachers 😉

  2. Yoga Glo is super fraudulent. When you sign up, they do not send you an email reminder letting you know that you have signed up. After the 15 day free trial is over and they actually start billing you, they do not send you an email reminder AT ALL letting you know that the subscription has started. In one year, I never received any emails or communication, completely forgot about the service and wasn’t reminded once that my free trial was over and that I would be bill $18 a month. For the past year, they have been charging me $18 per month without any email notification and I have not used the service once. I think this is dishonest and completely unfair to customers. Do not sign up for this service.

    • I’m searching for reviews on Yogaglo and it’s really disappointing when you come across one like this muddying up otherwise clear waters. There is nothing fraudulent about this! You gave them your credit card, agreed to terms and conditions, and never cancelled. What did you think was going to happen? It’s like a gym – just because you don’t use it, they’re not going to cancel for you. The only thing they can be blamed for is less than perfect customer service, not fraud.

  3. Hello, this is an update of my previous review of from 2014. Time has passed and I am now a registered yoga teacher. And I have to say, your blog inspired me try yogaglo and then to becoming a teacher! So, thank you Serena for enabling me to become a yoga teacher!!! ❤
    Because of time and money issues I am still practicing with yogaglo instead of going to a studio. I do a mix of my own practice and yogaglo. I still learn a lot from it and can still recommend it! I can say that most of my yoga skills come from this site! I would not recommend only doing online yoga, but it definitely has some positive aspects. For example, I never hurt myself doing yoga at home but hurt myself several times taking classes with other people involved. I theorize this is because of my muscle tone being different in "public". When I do yoga at home there is no pressure of being perfect (this is a hard one to admit) and I can fully concentrate on myself and my body which to me, brings me closer to yoga itself. I tend to tense up (without noticing) with other people in the room and stretching can become a danger for injury for me. Also I enter poses with more ease at home. My body feels and behaves completely different in those two settings (I tend to be more energetic and I am stronger in public). The teachers to me are still much better than I have experienced in real life. My YTT was a disaster for example. The teacher had such little knowledge and behaved like everything else than what yoga is to me or what I think it is supposed to be (8 limbs of yoga). So if you have time and money issues (like I do), this is still my recommendation to you.

    • Hi Tina! That’s so great that you were inspired to do YTT, though I’m sorry to hear it wasn’t a great experience! And thanks for sharing your perspective of your use with yogaglo – everyone’s experience/reasoning for how they practice is different so I’m sure there will be many people who will appreciate your perspective and find it helpful. I still practice heavily with yogaglo myself even though I have access to studios and classes through places that I teach – it just happens to be more convenient for me. My teacher also teaches on there so when she is out of town, I can still take her classes.

      Thank you again for sharing your experience and reading the blog! It’s been pretty dormant but I hope to be a little more active on it…

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