Hump Day Inspiration

So today’s hump day inspiration is more of a reminder for me as I make some pretty big transitions in my life. I’m moving to San Francisco in about 6 weeks (one of the most expensive cities in the US), I’m still unemployed, and recently got engaged. I had a bit of a freak out session and imagined the worse possible case scenario and let it play out in my head over and over again. Clearly, this scenario is made up and unlikely to happen but I couldn’t help myself.

I came across this Yoga Journal blog posting yesterday and felt it was very fitting for all the stress I’ve been putting myself through. I’ve heard and read that all your emotions are rooted in two basic emotions – love and fear. And deep down, I’m definitely fearful. Habits we have in life are definitely cultivated on our mats. Whether it’s a new pose or a change in your life, yoga can teach you a lot about how to navigate your fears. For instance, I’m fearful of allowing myself to reach my full potential. I will never try handstand unless I’m up against a wall. I have a pretty decent control over kicking my legs up but I just won’t do it if I’m not next to something that will catch me. Perhaps my fears of being unemployed for so long are causing me to doubt myself. I feel this is preventing me from seeking out jobs where I can cultivate my full potential and instead am looking for something below my qualifications, thereby limiting the amount of jobs I’m applying to.

This short article has some great tips to help you manage your fears through yoga. Hopefully, I can start incorporating this into my practice as well as off the mat during these big transitions in my life.

2 thoughts on “Hump Day Inspiration

  1. I believe that you will love San Francisco and make many new friends there but Swami Satchinananda Saraswati always said do not make appointments and you will not be diss apointed .

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