Gear Review: GRID Foam Roller


If you are broke and active, you probably can’t afford regular massages to keep your muscles limber and relaxed.  Self-massage in the form of a foam roller is your answer.  I used to think foam rollers were torture devices, especially when I first started using it to massage out a tight IT band.  But the more I used it, the less painful it became.  Here is an okay deal on a wonderful foam roller so you can massage out the kinks in all areas of your body!

I bought the GRID foam roller a couple of years ago and I love it and still use it regularly.  Most foam rollers start to break down and you have these weird dents that you have to start working around but not this one.  It’s designed for repeated use and won’t break down the way regular foam rollers do – at least it hasn’t for me (the site claims this thing can handle up to 500  pounds).  The center is hollow, meaning it is more eco-friendly since it cuts down on materials needed to create the foam roller.  And since you can use it for what seems like forever, you won’t have to buy another one and add to the landfill.  The GRID foam roller is broken down into areas that act like fingertips, fingers, and palms, depending on what your needs are and what part of the body you are working.  Although to be honest, I would try and use these different areas of the GRID at the beginning but now end up just popping on – I normally use it on my legs and back so I don’t feel/notice the different areas.  The GRID can act as a core workout tool as well -when I massage my calves, quads, or hammies, I can feel my abs firing up.

I highly recommend using a foam roller, and specifically the GRID, especially if you are a runner.  If you have never used a foam roller, this one comes with an instruction manual to help you out.  Groupon is currently having a deal where you can get it for $30 vs the regular cost of $40.  You can also go to Amazon and get the same deal for the black one.  So if for some reason you are dying to get the camo-colored one, jump on the Groupon deal and I’ll try not to judge you.


2 thoughts on “Gear Review: GRID Foam Roller

    • Hey! I have the stick too and I use that during long drives to/from races (obviously when I’m not driving) or when I just want to sit on the couch. The foam roller really gets into your muscles though and is totally worth it!!

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