My Extra Cute Alo Top

I just had to share a ridiculous deal I got on a yoga top last week. While waiting to be checked in for class at CorePower Yoga, I browsed the sale rack next to me. I came across this Alo Harmony tank top and thought it was cute. And then I came across the discount sticker and the top became extra cute. I paid a whopping $15 for it!! I wore it to class for the first time yesterday and overall, the top fit fine. The inserts in the shelf bra are on the bigger side and extends past the bra line a bit on me. Also everytime I twisted, there was a little gapping and I had to keep pulling up my top to make sure nothing was showing. I’m not sure if anything was actually visible or if I was just being paranoid – I’ve seen my fair share of body parts I’m not supposed to see in a yoga class and I didn’t want to accidentally flash someone. The top was great at wicking sweat and dried quickly after class. Overall, a pretty great top made even better with a freaking good deal. So check out your local studio and see what sort of gems you can find. Patience will eventually reward you!



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