Employed!! But Still Too Broke for Yoga…

So it’s been a few weeks since I last posted and there is a good reason!  I found a job and an apartment in San Francisco.  Both were time consuming as I had two interviews I had to go on for the job and as soon as I got the offer letter, I drove to SF to trek around the city for two days looking for a place with my fiance.  We have heard horror stories such as 50 people attending apartment showings, people outbidding each other on how much more they were willing to pay to get the apartment, and people even bringing cookies to the showing.  In the back of mind, I was mentally preparing to live outside of the city at least for the first year but that was not necessary!  Everything fell into place two weeks before we had already planned to move and starting last Wednesday, I’m currently training out of the organization’s Orange County office before I start work up north.

So since this blog is about tips on how to navigate the running and yoga world on a budget, I will leave my personal update as is.  Since I knew I was going to be busy packing, I ended my yoga for trade membership with CorePower Yoga not too long ago.  While I may be employed, working in the nonprofit world while living in the most expensive city in the United States probably means you are still broke and still can’t afford a yoga membership.  I’ve been running all last week while in Orange County to get my exercise in but it’s been over a week since I’ve had a yoga class and my body is just screaming to be stretched out.

Here comes Google to the rescue.  Seriously, if you have a question about anything, ANYTHING at all, google it!  My site is a compilation of my tips and experiences but at the same time, I collect a lot of information from the internet and just put it together for you here.  So if there is something you don’t see on my blog, you know what to do.  I wish I was as enthusiastic about this next part as I was about google.  I typed in “orange county free yoga” and had a ton of places pop up that offer a free first visit or free first week.  I came across Ra Yoga and they offer a free week to new students so I went to check it out yesterday after work.  Parking in their lot was not happening so I had to park around the corner in the residential area.  Studio was super cute but unfortunately, I was disappointed in my class.  I had picked out a level 2 heated vinyasa class and I was expecting to have my butt kicked since I haven’t done any yoga in awhile.  Unfortunately, I did not get the workout I was looking for – the instructor kept saying we would be flowing but she talked so much between each pose so we were stuck just sort of holding it.  Is it bad that I was a bit annoyed by her voice??  While I may not have gotten my workout in, I realized I was super stressed out and had been clenching my teeth.  I think just dedicating the time to breathe and slow down really helped to calm my nerves so that was good.  Let’s hope the next class I take is better.  At least I didn’t pay for it, right?

I’m sure the in the not too distant future, you’ll find some posts regarding navigating the pricey yoga world in San Francisco.  And definitely more posts on online yoga sites – I will have hardwood floors in my new place so I’m actually excited to explore a home practice again!