Slowly Getting Settled

Moving to San Francisco and starting work right away has kept me busy and stressed.  We are still living out of boxes and not sure where everything is, sitting in folding chairs or in bed since we sold all of our furniture, and walking around constantly with shoes on since we can’t quite clean the floors with the boxes still everywhere.  I spend most of my evenings looking for parking and then when I actually get home, I’m doing a lot of web shopping for furniture and compiling a list of things needed around the apartment (this list never seems to stop growing!).

With all that being said, I haven’t had a whole lot of time to look for yoga in the city.  After a week of not working out, I could feel the stress building up in my body.  I decided the easiest and cheapest way to get back into things was running.  I had been on a break for about a year but signed up for a race in October as a motivator to start again but starting over has been so hard!  And starting over on the hills of SF has been even more demoralizing when I look at my watch and see how slowly I’m going.  It took me two years to get to my peak race time so I’m constantly having to remind myself of that and accept that this is where my body and training is at right now.  At least with the hills, I’m able to enjoy ridiculously gorgeous views of the city when I finally huff and puff my way to the top.

I was still craving my yoga and this past weekend, had a moment to look up yoga studios in the city.  I was looking for three things: vinyasa/flow classes, good reviews on yelp, and introductory deals for new students.  I found deals and great reviews but the majority of the studios within a mile radius were all hot yoga/bikram style classes.  A friend of mine who was in my teacher training program had moved to SF a couple of months prior to me moving (and coincidentally living two blocks away – so freaking awesome!) told me about Yoga to the People and invited me to come to class with her.  A short walk/BART ride and five flights of stairs later, I arrive to the largest studio space I’ve been in.  The room is expansive and all you see is shiny hardwood floors.  There are windows everywhere and with it being early evening, the setting sun created beautiful lighting for the practice.  All the classes at the SF location are power vinyasa classes (!!!) for all levels.  The instructor had a microphone attached to her and she could be heard clearly throughout the entire room.  One of the things that really caught my attention was the lack of lululemon in the room.  I loved that it didn’t dominate the room like many of the other studios I’ve been to (disclaimer – I own some lululemon clothing that I bought a few years ago and still wear it because it was so damn expensive in the first place.  I used to love some running shorts they made but recent updates have made me feel more exposed).

Yoga to the People is all about the yoga.  They don’t even list the instructor’s name with the class.  No emails, no sign ups, no sales pitches.  And best of all, it’s donation based!  It already costs me $3.50 for roundtrip BART fare so being able to pay what I can afford is very nice.  This is a great studio and I’ll be visiting again but I’m still on the lookout for a vinyasa studio north of Market.


Yoga to the People Mantra


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