Review (sort of) of MyYogaOnline

When I moved to San Francisco, I thought there would be a plethora of yoga studios surrounding me and that I would easily find one that I could call my home studio.  Unfortunately, all the studios within a mile radius is a bikram studio.  I really like Yoga to the People but walking/taking public transportation to that studio adds almost 1.5 hours that I have to set aside to get to/from the studio.

I was sitting at home and really wanted a yoga session.  I looked around and realized I had no furniture yet and beautiful hardwood floors.  Clearly the perfect opportunity to take advantage of another free trial of online yoga classes.  I found a coupon code for MyYogaOnline and got started.  I was giddy when I unrolled my mat and I felt so free from the chatter and the judgement that often accompanies my practice.  This was something that I really needed and the need allowed me to fully immerse myself in my practice.  I even had a mini emotional breakthrough during one of the classes, which has only happened twice before in my practice.

So I say that this is sort of a review because I was only able to go through two classes.  I did spend some time browsing the site and looking at video previews and overall, I felt that the site had so much more going on than just videos.  There were community forums, health and wellness articles and resources, pre-determined programs for specific interests, and even music.  In terms of what I was looking for, this was a bit much and made the site a bit overwhelming at first.  But if you like a one-stop-shop deal, then check this out.  Under the video tab, you will find some of the same filters as other sites, including style, teachers, duration, level, and even studio.  So from the two classes I did and the few others that I previewed, MyYogaOnline classes are not filmed at one main studio like Yogaglo but on location such as the actual studio representing the teacher participating or a class during a yoga festival.  One of the classes I took was with Faith Hunter at the Hanuman Festival earlier this summer and while it was a great class, there were some sound distortions throughout the video that made it a little distracting.  There are a ton of teachers listed on the site and while I recognized a handful of names, many of those teachers didn’t have classes with the time duration I was looking for so I just went ahead and tried two random teachers.  In addition to Faith Hunter, I took a class from Pedro Franco and I enjoyed it.  That class combined elements of capoeira and Qigong into the practice, something I probably would have never experienced if there was a CorePower Yoga right around the corner.  Overall, the site seemed a little too busy for me but in terms of quality, I enjoyed the two classes I took.

For the free trial, check out retailmenot for a coupon codes on introductory deals or just enter ‘tsfb1week’ for just the free week.  The nice thing about the one week free trial is that when you sign up, you simply enter the code and you can start.  With some of the other sites, you need to enter your credit card information first and then remember to cancel the trial service or you will be automatically charged the monthly amount (unless of course you want to continue with the service).


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