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Happy Saturday readers!  I came across this deal on Groupon and wanted to share it.  This is for an online yoga site called  I briefly browsed through the site and they have classes broken down by so many different styles of yoga including core, strength training, and yoga with weights classes. You have the ability to stream the class or download it directly it to your computer so you can play it with or without an internet connection.  You can also pick classes by teachers as well, though I only recognized a few names, though coming from me this doesn’t mean anything.  It looks like they are working on putting together this section called a pose guide, where pictures of the poses and their names, are sequenced specifically for each class.  The idea is that this tool can provide you a visual for what the pose looks like.

I don’t know if I would try it out but the deal is pretty good.  You can pick between two options: $15 for a 3-month subscription or $29 for a 12-month subscription.  Definitely can’t beat those prices!  Unless it’s free, of course.


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