Manduka (and More) Products on Sale

Hello readers, hope you are all having a great weekend.  It’s been beautiful in SF!


I came across this deal in my inbox from GearBuzz, which is operated by Competitor (I think I was signed up or started receiving emails after doing their Rock n Roll races).  I’m not sure how GearBuzz is affiliated with this site but oftentimes when I actually click on the deals being advertised, it takes me to a site called LeftLane Sports, which has deals for footwear, clothing and gear for “outdoor, fitness, and action sports enthusiasts.”  This site is similar to a lot of other shopping sites where you have to be a member or sign in via your email in order to access the prices.  I finally signed up since the deal that caught my attention was from Manduka.  The deals include eKo Lite mats starting at $30, bolsters starting at $40, towels at $30, and other items such as blankets, totes, blocks, and straps.  Granted you can some of these other items elsewhere without the Manduka name for a lot less.  But if the brand is selling point, check it out quickly…perhaps do some early holiday shopping.  The sale ends this Thursday, November 14.


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