Free 21-Day Meditation Challenge

chopra meditation

I’m getting this information to you a few days late but the last two weeks have been the longest two weeks at work.  I am in freaking need of a vacation. Which sort of segues into my post.

I’ve attempted two of these challenges before and failed miserably.  I take that back.  The fact that I was even able to get 8 or 9 days into one of the challenges is HUGE.  The Chopra Meditation Center, in partnership with Oprah Winfrey, offers a free 21-day meditation challenge.  Each day, there is an approximately 15 minute guided meditation along with mantras and tips to help you lead a more intentional life.  Chopra’s voice is deep, melodic, and calming and you can’t help but feel relaxed.  I definitely enjoyed it when I did it but I would forget or just not make time for it.  And I really want to make time for this to help find some more clarity and calmness in my life – Work has been hectic and I feel like I’m spending all my time putting out fires and one of the MANY health benefits of meditation is stress reduction.  This is especially timely with the holidays around the corner.

The theme for the current challenge is desire and destiny.  Day 1 of the challenge started this Monday and each session expires 5 days after it’s been released.  Hopefully you are getting this in time to experience the challenge from the beginning.  And the best part…it’s FREE to participate.  You can also choose to buy this meditation and all other meditation challenges so you have access to it whenever you want.  Happy meditating!


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