Gear Review: Target C9 Leggings


I hope everyone had a happy holiday!  I went home to Southern California for a week and it was glorious!  I only opened up my laptop once for work and the rest of the time was spent running in the sun and enjoying the company of friends and family.

I always thought I would look terrible in leggings, skinny jeans, or any sort of tapered pant.  But a few years ago, my fiance dragged me snowboarding.  Yes, dragged.  I suck at snowboard, skiing, anything that requires me getting off a lift.  I needed warm clothes to layer underneath my winter jacket and pants.  I didn’t really want to buy long underwear so decided to look for tights and long sleeved t-shirts instead.  Not wanting to invest a lot of money into clothing I wouldn’t wear that often, I went to Target and ended up finding an awesome pair of running/yoga tights for less than half the price of some other big brands.  An awesome alternative to those luIus or other pricey yoga pants.  I also realized I didn’t look so bad in them.  I wore them once for about a half day snowboarding and after being tired of sucking so much and falling off the lift every single time, I ended my day.  The next day when everyone was out on the slopes, I decided to go for a run.  My tights kept me warm, there was no sagging/stretching of the material in the butt (what I typically experience with cheap leggings), and they kept me comfortable.

Living in San Diego, there isn’t a big need for running tights.  Sure it gets cold but it’s only for a couple of nights out of the year.  And I don’t run in the dark so it doesn’t matter.  When I started picking up hot power yoga, my shorts weren’t particularly helpful since sweaty skin in contact with sweaty skin made for slippery arm balances and face plants.  I noticed a lot of people with long tights and remembered I also owned a pair.  I dusted them off for a class and what a world of difference.  First, it limited the sweat dripping off of me and onto my mat.  The pants did a good job of absorbing sweat.  It also allowed to get into some arm balances without awkward placement of a towel or risking landing on my face.  It moves well with my body and I’ve done a couple of checks in the mirror for sheerness – can’t see through them.  After coming home from a sweaty yoga class, SOMETIMES I’ll stay in my clothes to get dinner going before showering.  Sorry it’s gross but I get hungry easily!  For those of you that happen to get stuck in sweaty yoga clothes, you’ll be happy to know that these dried pretty quickly.

I love these tights for their function and price point and own three pairs now since they just released a purple color and I couldn’t help myself.  Two of leggings that I own are from their “premium” line.  I believe this is supposed to be their top performing line, providing some compression, moisture wicking, and 4-way stretch.  The most recent purple purchase is from the premium line and it’s also reversible.  I also own a gray pair from their “advanced” line.  I’m pretty sure the only feature it’s lacking from the premium line is the compression feature.  The pant is a little bit more lightweight but still does what the premium pants do, but for slightly cheaper.  I spoke with a Target sales associate and here was her breakdown: the premium line is the highest quality line with 4-way stretch and thicker and better material; the advanced line has thinner material and has “less give”; and their active line is the most basic (though I was unable to find this particular line on the website).  I’ve noticed that these leggings are seasonal – I was looking to pick up another pair this past summer and couldn’t find them in the store or online until more recently.  With some of the sales going on, check them out now if you are interested.

Recently, I’ve noticed that the Target C9 line is offering items that are more stylish and similar to some of the brand name fitness clothing companies.  I haven’t loved every piece of activewear I’ve purchased from Target in the past but overall, I’m pretty satisfied.  Just another option to check out for all us broke-ass folks.

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