Hump Day Inspiration: Power Poses

So for today’s hump day inspiration, I thought I would share some actual tools that you can use to feel more confident and hopefully translates to success in other areas of your life outside of your fitness world.  And in line with the theme of my blog, this tool is very budget friendly – free!

So how can Warrior 2 help you feel more confident in everyday life, nail that job interview, or affect other people’s perception of you?  I first came across power posing when watching this great TED talk with Amy Cuddy.  This idea completely resonated with me since I have to feel good about something in my body before it becomes truth in my mind.  This was particularly true when I was unemployed for about 6 months.  I kept telling myself positive thoughts and repeated mantras in my mind but deep down, I felt horrible about myself and looking back, it probably affected what types of jobs I went for and my relationship with friends, especially with my fiance.  I practiced daily thoughts of gratitude but it wasn’t particularly helpful for me.  Yoga made me feel good and there were more positive thoughts and energy that was happening, even if it was just for a couple of hours during and after my practice.

I had seen this video prior to interviewing for where I work now.  I was in the car and put my hands on my hips and sat up tall for about 2 minutes prior to the two interviews I had (I did it sitting down in my car since I didn’t want one of the staff members looking out the window and happen to see my crazy antics!).   It could be the power of suggestion but I felt more calm and whether or not it actually increased my confidence level, I ended up getting the job.  I keep this tool in the back of my head and bust it out when I feel I need a confidence boost such as before teaching a yoga class.  Why not practice Warrior 2 before teaching it?

Has anyone else tried it?  Does it work for you?


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