And…More Online Yoga Resources

YJ Online Classes

At some point, I’m thinking I might need to compile all of these resources onto a master list – perhaps on the blog?

A site like Yoga Journal has so many resources – it’s great but it leads to me being overwhelmed and overlooking all that the site has to offer.  Thanks to the most recent issue of the magazine, I caught part of an article that mentioned their online classes.  There are audio and video options – all the guided meditations are audio files. The videos can be filtered by type, level, teacher, and wellness focus.  There are a TON of videos under 5 minutes that break down poses, which has been personally so helpful for me.  BTW, Yogaglo has this too and it’s free as well.  The videos at most are 35 minutes long so it’s great for those looking for shorter practices, whether it’s to focus on a specific part of the body or building up to a peak posture.  I have definitely used these videos to help me understand poses better and get sequencing ideas for my own classes.  Many of the classes are designed by well known instructors so if you want to take advantage of their knowledge for free, check it out.

There is an abundance of online yoga resources.  And I have a giveaway for a new online yoga company to share with all of you on Friday – stay tuned!


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