Review of MyYogaWorks

Alignment, alignment, alignment!


Late last year, YogaWorks contacted me about a groupon deal for the their online yoga classes through to share with all of you.  BTW, the deal seems like it’s still going on so check it out!  I had signed up for their free 14-day trial but this was poorly timed as I only had the opportunity to take advantage of a couple of classes.  Yogaworks graciously offered an extended online membership to MyYogaWorks and this has given me the opportunity to fully explore their site.

If you couldn’t tell by the first three words, YogaWorks is all about alignment and that is what you will get with their online classes.  I LOVE alignment, perhaps a bit too much, and the teachers are constantly giving tons of instructions to help you refine each posture. All their instructors have done advanced studies through a 500 hour teaching certification so I feel confident about the cues and directions they are giving me.  And if there was any doubt about how to get into a pose, there are typically two yogis demonstrating the pose with one offering modifications. You can search for classes by duration, difficulty level, teacher, target areas, benefits, and even videos for aspiring teachers.  MyYogaWorks also has a section that they call their “Journey Series.” It’s a sequence of videos that help you get into a specific pose, learn yoga basics, complement a specific sport, or help you destress for your wedding.  The site is simple, clean, and easy to use. I will say that I do like the variety of teachers, instructional styles, etc with some of the other online sites but you still can’t go wrong here – a lot of quality teachers and classes to choose from.

As I mentioned, they have a 14-day free trial and your credit card is required to sign up.  You can use this coupon code YOGA2014 for a free month with MyYogaWorks. After that, it’s $15 per month. If you are hesitant to give up your email or just want to take a yoga class from time to time, Yoganonymous offers a free full length class from MyYogaWorks on their site.  Not sure how often they switch out the classes but it’s another option.  And who doesn’t like options??


2 thoughts on “Review of MyYogaWorks

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  2. Beware!! I purchased a groupon for the Myyogaworks site and it is a scam!! Not only did the groupon not work, but they also charged my credit card an additional $80. On top of that they appear to have no customer service. I have emailed 4 times with no response. The phone always goes to voicemail and the mailbox is full. The website is very confusing and set up to get your money real quick.

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