Hump Day Inspiration

Recently, I bumped into a regular student before one of my yoga classes.  I asked him how his week was and he replied that it was great and there was nothing to complain about and then added that all of his weeks were great.  I noted what a great outlook he had on life and he replied that though it took him many years to come to this conclusion, life was too short to stress and worry about small things.  He found joy in the simple fact that he was alive everyday.

The day before this, I had come across this flow chart and thought that it was nice way of looking at the situations in our lives, even if it was a bit simplistic.  But after speaking with my student, I thought, why do our lives need to be filled with so much complexity?  Sure, there are difficulties and challenges that we face in our lives – I have certainly had my fair share and feel this chart would not apply at all.  But there are also a lot of everyday things that I worry about and in the grand scheme of things, are definitely not worth the stress I put my body and mind through. This chart is just a nice reminder for those little everyday things: don’t worry, be happy!

flow chart

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