Free Fitness Classes in DC


Reebok Store

Hey DC readers, did you know that there a ton of fitness stores in your area offering free workouts?  From run clubs to HIIT workouts to yoga, it looks like there is a little bit of everything to add some variety to your fitness routine.  Many of these stores partner up with local gyms and studios to bring you awesome classes from some amazing instructors in the community.  Check out your options here!  And this is not only true in DC but all over.  So check out your local fitness store and see what freebies are available to you.



Free Meditation Challenge and One-Year Anniversary of Broke Ass Yogi!

Deepak Chopra and Oprah have teamed up again to provide you with a free 21-day meditation challenge.  Here’s a blurb about the theme for this challenge – Finding Your Flow:

Did you know that there is a flow of powerful energy that permeates every aspect of our reality? When aligned with this flow, we’re tapped into the pure, unlimited source of all peace, possibility and potential.  Actualize your vision for authentic wellbeing with us on 4.14.14, when we will embark on a 3-week journey toward true transformation. We’ll reveal the secrets to finding your flow and teach you how to leverage its mighty power to effortlessly carry you like a river current to the all of the joy, love and fulfillment you desire.

I have already registered for it.  Why wait to sign up if you want to do it – it’s free!  Though I never make it far into the challenge, the guided meditations help me make it farther than I would on my own.  It’s something I would like to incorporate more of in my life so we’ll see how far I get this time.

On another note, it’s been exactly one year since I started this blog.  A lot has changed for me – I got engaged, moved to SF, got a new job, and am teaching yoga more regularly.  Things that haven’t changed – I’m still broke.  Wedding planning and living in one of the most expensive cities DEFINITELY does not help that situation.  I’m still trying to find my way through the large yoga community in SF and will continue to share my experiences and money-saving tips as I go.  I always intended for this blog to be more of resource and I hope it’s been beneficial for all of you! Thanks to all my readers!!

Wanderlust Announces Yoga In the City Dates for 2014

Dates for Yoga in the City are up!  A sample of the Wanderlust Festival in an urban setting but for FREE!  Registration is required so sign up today!  According to the site, spots fill up quickly.  I’ll be signing up for the SF date on May 17 – leaning towards the late afternoon class with Susan Hauser and Stephanie Snyder.  They also have May/June dates for Philadelphia, Chicago, and Los Angeles.  If you are a reader in Auckland, NZ or Sydney, AU – dates are quickly approaching so check to see if there is space left.  New York is coming soon so check back on the site or sign up for email updates.

GapFit Sale – 40% Off!

Happy Monday all!  Here is another sale to look into if you are in need of some new workout wear.  Yesterday, I was walking to Union Square in SF to meet up with a friend and saw someone sporting a super pretty shade of teal workout capris.  I scanned her legs for any identifiable logo and noticed it was from Gap.  I went online when I got home to look up the capris and saw that there was a sale going on.  I was pretty excited to incorporate a fresh new color into my workout clothes, and for a discounted rate.

My excitement waned pretty quickly when I found the capris and then found the reviews associated with it.  So many people seem to be unhappy with them, mainly citing issues with sheerness.  I already own two pairs from a few years ago and really like them.  I’m still thinking about buying this teal one and then return it if I’m experiencing the same thing.  I may be frugal but I refuse to buy poor quality workout clothes.

Sale is in-store and online and expires 11:59 PM EST today.  Use code ALERT if buying online.

Discounts on Manduka and YogaRat Mats and Props

LeftLane Sports has another sale for all you yogis out there.  You can find discounts on mats and props from both Manduka and YogaRat.  I already have a Manduka mat (that I got for way less than retail) but even with the ProLite, it’s still a heavy mat to tote around in the city.  I’m so tempted to pick up another mat but I just can’t justify the cost even with some of these mats being $20, especially now that I’m in the midst of wedding planning.  BTW, I pretty much hate the entire process but I won’t bore you with the details here…maybe in another post.  But if you are in the market for some new yoga equipment, check out these deals.  Sale ends Friday March 21.


Why It Sucks to Have Annie Carpenter as Your Teacher


Okay, it doesn’t suck.  Far from it.  Annie Carpenter, if you don’t know, is a well known instructor and is also responsible for a lot of other big name yoga instructors as well.  She was also my yoga teacher’s teacher.  I took one of her classes in LA and was being asked to move parts of my body in ways I didn’t know it could.  Her classes were a  bit intimidating since a ton of the students were talented yogis and teachers themselves and it seemed like sanskrit was being used in every single sentence.  Despite that, I loved the class.  My body was alive and sore in areas I didn’t even know existed.  When I found out she was relocating to SF, I was super excited although I wasn’t sure how I would afford to take her classes consistently.

I found out she was teaching at Yoga Tree and went to their website.  They had an introductory offer of $20 for three classes, which I hadn’t taken advantage of yet…score!  I showed up for my first class, signed up for the classes and was hooked!  It was seriously one of the best savasanas that I’ve had in a long time.  You know, the one where you are so relaxed and you fall asleep and reluctantly get up to still find yourself in this euphoric state?  I equate that to a runner’s high. I came back the next two times, even though I have to set aside a total of 3 hours of my time for the class (public transport, the waiting for public transport, and the class itself). That’s how much I loved the class.

So why would it suck to have Annie Carpenter as a teacher?  It sucks because I bought a 10 class package with an expiration date and there is a chance that I won’t fully get to use it because Annie is always away teaching at other studios or festivals.  Okay, it wasn’t all her but it’s so easy to blame someone else.  I paid $108 for the classes, which comes out to $10.80 which a pretty awesome promotion.  Paying the total upfront was rough.  Anyhow, she was in LA for a teacher training and most recently, she was in Oahu for Wanderlust.  That was only three classes for me.  I couldn’t it use the first week I bought it because I got sick.  Then there was the one day where I poorly planned and missed my bus. There’s also a chance that I might have to leave town for work sometime soon and my classes expire in 2.5 weeks!  I have 5 classes left and at 2 classes a week, I can’t miss a single one, including the class tonight.  So hopefully Annie doesn’t go out of town anytime soon and nothing shifts in my schedule.  Gotta maximize my dollars!