Why It Sucks to Have Annie Carpenter as Your Teacher


Okay, it doesn’t suck.  Far from it.  Annie Carpenter, if you don’t know, is a well known instructor and is also responsible for a lot of other big name yoga instructors as well.  She was also my yoga teacher’s teacher.  I took one of her classes in LA and was being asked to move parts of my body in ways I didn’t know it could.  Her classes were a  bit intimidating since a ton of the students were talented yogis and teachers themselves and it seemed like sanskrit was being used in every single sentence.  Despite that, I loved the class.  My body was alive and sore in areas I didn’t even know existed.  When I found out she was relocating to SF, I was super excited although I wasn’t sure how I would afford to take her classes consistently.

I found out she was teaching at Yoga Tree and went to their website.  They had an introductory offer of $20 for three classes, which I hadn’t taken advantage of yet…score!  I showed up for my first class, signed up for the classes and was hooked!  It was seriously one of the best savasanas that I’ve had in a long time.  You know, the one where you are so relaxed and you fall asleep and reluctantly get up to still find yourself in this euphoric state?  I equate that to a runner’s high. I came back the next two times, even though I have to set aside a total of 3 hours of my time for the class (public transport, the waiting for public transport, and the class itself). That’s how much I loved the class.

So why would it suck to have Annie Carpenter as a teacher?  It sucks because I bought a 10 class package with an expiration date and there is a chance that I won’t fully get to use it because Annie is always away teaching at other studios or festivals.  Okay, it wasn’t all her but it’s so easy to blame someone else.  I paid $108 for the classes, which comes out to $10.80 which a pretty awesome promotion.  Paying the total upfront was rough.  Anyhow, she was in LA for a teacher training and most recently, she was in Oahu for Wanderlust.  That was only three classes for me.  I couldn’t it use the first week I bought it because I got sick.  Then there was the one day where I poorly planned and missed my bus. There’s also a chance that I might have to leave town for work sometime soon and my classes expire in 2.5 weeks!  I have 5 classes left and at 2 classes a week, I can’t miss a single one, including the class tonight.  So hopefully Annie doesn’t go out of town anytime soon and nothing shifts in my schedule.  Gotta maximize my dollars!


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