GapFit Sale – 40% Off!

Happy Monday all!  Here is another sale to look into if you are in need of some new workout wear.  Yesterday, I was walking to Union Square in SF to meet up with a friend and saw someone sporting a super pretty shade of teal workout capris.  I scanned her legs for any identifiable logo and noticed it was from Gap.  I went online when I got home to look up the capris and saw that there was a sale going on.  I was pretty excited to incorporate a fresh new color into my workout clothes, and for a discounted rate.

My excitement waned pretty quickly when I found the capris and then found the reviews associated with it.  So many people seem to be unhappy with them, mainly citing issues with sheerness.  I already own two pairs from a few years ago and really like them.  I’m still thinking about buying this teal one and then return it if I’m experiencing the same thing.  I may be frugal but I refuse to buy poor quality workout clothes.

Sale is in-store and online and expires 11:59 PM EST today.  Use code ALERT if buying online.


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