Rank & Style’s Ten Best Yoga Pants

So this blog is all about saving money for the broke-ass yogis, runners, and fitness enthusiasts out there.  I definitely fall into that category and while I may be a broke-ass and frugal individual, I’ve always said I’m not cheap.  It’s very rare that I would I would buy poor quality fitness clothing even if it means saving a ton of money.  I’d rather wait for sales or wait for colors to be discontinued than to buy tops or bottoms that don’t function properly.  Alternatively, I will buy the item at full retail cost if it’s functional, will last me a long time, and I’ll wear it often – I have three pairs of lululemon shorts.  I know, I know…but these shorts were so much more functional, less baggy, and more flattering than the Nike Tempo shorts I had.  A friend of mine worked for the company and introduced them to me.  I bought one and liked it so much that I bought two more.  Unfortunately, the latter two, though the exact same style and size, had changes made to it and I hated them – shorter, tighter, booty-ish shorts.  I’ve become modest in my older age.  I still wear them though since I do own them but it’s when I go through some of my other shorts first.  But I digress again…

Rank and Style - yoga pants

Cost per wear is how I’ve always justified buying pricier things.  For the most part, this works out in my favor and makes the initial cost of the item totally worth it.  It saves you time and money from constantly having to buy a replacement when the other one wears down too quickly.  Other times, like the celebratory heels I bought for myself before moving to SF, I wore it twice and it now collects dust.  Damn SF hills!  So today’s post features the ten best yoga pants as determined by Rank and Style.  Of course, all the yoga pants range from $68-$98!  That’s a lot of money!  But if you are focusing on value and cost per wear, perhaps investing in some quality yoga pants (if you are actually going to use it for yoga and not just to the grocery store) might make sense.  Always check on other sites like Amazon for discounted items or retailmenot for coupon codes if you are buying directly from the company’s site.  BTW, I don’t own any of the pants on this list but I am eyeing the Beyond Yoga (love the ruching) and Alo leggings on the list.  Amazon sells the Beyond Yoga pants and if you like really bright colors, they have a few that are definitely discounted.

Happy shopping!