Yoga Journal Conference in San Diego THIS WEEKEND!

For the yogis in San Diego, the Yoga Journal Conference is happening right now.  If you are in my shoes, this conference doesn’t really fit into your budget.  But you can still experience this event since there are a lot of freebies.  As I discovered when the Yoga Journal Conference was in San Francisco, Yoga Journal has a Marketplace and Sangha Space that is free and open to the public.  The Marketplace is full of retailers and many of them give out samples of their products (I tried a lot of drinks and got a small bottle of mat cleaner from Manduka).  The Sangha Space offers free community classes, demos, and meditation.  There is a free class there this afternoon with one of my favorite teachers when I was living in San Diego – Emily Desmond – so take her class at 1:30 pm if you happen to catch this early enough. On Sunday, they are even offering a yoga class in Spanish.  Just because you are not actually taking classes with some of the more well known yogis doesn’t mean you can’t experience the event.  Enjoy!

Update: This broke-ass tip came from an awesome friend of mine – parking at the Sheraton parking lot is $15 (bleh) but parking at the Spanish Landing around the corner is FREE for 4 hours!  Coming from a city where you have to pay for parking everywhere you go, this is heavenly.  Thanks Lenise!


3 thoughts on “Yoga Journal Conference in San Diego THIS WEEKEND!

    • Hi Kay, you should definitely check it out. I went to the marketplace in SF last year and snagged a handful of goodies, listened to a lecture, checked out new yoga products and it was all for free.

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