Class Pass $1 Deal for SF

If you are a reader living in the SF area, you should pay close attention as this deal expires tonight at midnight.

ClassPass is a new membership company that works with local fitness studios to offer you unlimited fitness classes for $99/month, limiting your visit to each studio to 3 times per month.  Now $99 is certainly not cheap but if you are spending money anyway on fitness classes and you like variety, this could be a cheaper option for you.

For my fellow SF residents, for just TODAY ONLY, September 30, you can get your first month membership for just $1.  One dollar!  Pretty damn good and it looks like there are over 50 studios to pick from.  I’m not going to even do a cost-per-class analysis with that – it’s so freaking cheap!  If you like it, your membership will automatically renew each month at $99.  If you don’t like it, just cancel at least 15 days prior to the billing cycle and you should be fine (always check with the website/company – I can only do some much research for you) and you will only be out $1.  I will definitely be signing up so I can continue exploring new studios in the city.  Now go get sweaty, people.


Normalcy and National Yoga Month

It’s amazing how quickly time passes.  I kept thinking of posting (and had things to post about!) and somehow, time and wedding planning got the best of me.  I’m happy to report that wedding planning is OVER.  I’m still having wedding nightmares – PTSD for sure.  While it was wonderful to marry my best friend and spend time with friends and family in one place, albeit brief, I can say that I will never do this again.  Looking forward to resuming “normal” life activities.

Okay, so I was hesitant to post this since National Yoga Month is September and today is the LAST day of the month (where did this freaking year go??).  However, you can still benefit through next month.  Head over to the Yoga Health Foundation website and search nearly 2,000 participating studios to take advantage of one FREE week of yoga.  Offer is good for new students to the studio only.  Be sure to connect to the studio/read the fine print for all the details.

I’m so looking forward to returning to my practice tonight after a 2-week hiatus.