Class Pass $1 Deal for SF

If you are a reader living in the SF area, you should pay close attention as this deal expires tonight at midnight.

ClassPass is a new membership company that works with local fitness studios to offer you unlimited fitness classes for $99/month, limiting your visit to each studio to 3 times per month.  Now $99 is certainly not cheap but if you are spending money anyway on fitness classes and you like variety, this could be a cheaper option for you.

For my fellow SF residents, for just TODAY ONLY, September 30, you can get your first month membership for just $1.  One dollar!  Pretty damn good and it looks like there are over 50 studios to pick from.  I’m not going to even do a cost-per-class analysis with that – it’s so freaking cheap!  If you like it, your membership will automatically renew each month at $99.  If you don’t like it, just cancel at least 15 days prior to the billing cycle and you should be fine (always check with the website/company – I can only do some much research for you) and you will only be out $1.  I will definitely be signing up so I can continue exploring new studios in the city.  Now go get sweaty, people.


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