Review of Yogis Anonymous

So if I don’t do the 50 navasanas, will anyone know???  I guess I would…


So to accommodate my wallet and my schedule, I actually signed up for a membership with an online yoga studio company a few months ago.  My previous tactic of signing up with different emails to take advantage of the trial offers was getting complicated and frankly, I can afford to pay $15-20 per MONTH to access yoga so I should.  So I did a trial of Yogis Anonymous and then ended up just paying for the membership.

Yogis Anonymous is $15 per month.  You can get a free 2-week trial to start.  Other options include a $5 24-hour access pass or $10 7-day pass.

The site is fairly easy to use.  After you log in, you are directed to the video library on the home page where the latest videos are posted.  And just a note, everytime I log on, there are always new videos lining this page.  So on this page, there are three main tabs.  Under the video library tab, where you can search for classes by teacher, duration of class, and difficulty level. You can also search using key words.  On the second tab, you can search by category, which includes everything from beginner, prenatal, therapeutic, to yoga for seniors.  There are no additional filters from here so you just browse the videos within the categories.  The third tab is favorites, classes that you like and mark to be saved there.

They have a TON of teachers and a ridiculous amount of videos – for someone who has difficulty being decisive, I found a few teachers that I like and have just stuck with them.  And I haven’t really needed to branch out because there have been so many classes to choose from, at least the ones I went with.  And yes, one of them has the class do A LOT of navasanas, 100 in a row during one class!  I definitely crapped out about half way through – I would have been less inclined to give up had I been in an actual class.  When you hover your cursor over the video image, it gives you a more detailed description of the class, if you have viewed it, and an option to add the video to your favorites tab to watch later.

The class is shot from a few different angles.  With the way the room is set up, it has been difficult at times to see the instructor when they are up against the wall and demonstrating a pose – the camera angle doesn’t always change.  The sound and quality of the video is fine.  There have been instances where I’ve had issues watching a video and it just gets stuck or wouldn’t even start.  At first I thought it was my computer or internet connection but I would click on another video and it would work just fine, so who knows.

Yogis Anonymous also offers live classes in Santa Monica.  Unlike Yogaglo, they charge for their classes.

Overall, I’ve been pretty happy with it but I’m ready to test out another long term online membership with another company.  Just haven’t decided which one yet…


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