Cyber Monday Deals

Black Friday has definitely lost all of it’s appeal.  Shopping at malls in general during the holiday season has lost all of it’s appeal.  The crowds and the chaos are a huge test on my patience and I usually lose this test by letting loose a flurry of F-bombs.

Online shopping is where it’s at.  Here are some deals that I found online if you are looking to save some dough on new gear or classes for you or the fitness buffs in your life.

Shape’s list including gear, food, and classes

More clothes, gear, and classes from PopSugar

Gym deals (get a start on those new year’s resolutions!) and apparel deals from Women’s Health

Deals from exercise and fitness stores from the Cyber Monday website – don’t ignore some of those big box retail stores on this list since these stores offer gear such as dumbbells, mats, water bottles, towels, etc. to support all your fitness adventures


Manduka has 25% off sitewide until the end of Tuesday December 2.  Use promo code THOUGHTFULLY at checkout.

Sports Compression is offering up to 20% off on their CEP compression gear – use promo code CYBER20.  Not sure why it’s “up to 20%” but still a discount!  Deal goes through 12/24.

GAP is offering 40% off everything today, including GapFit. Use code CYBER at checkout.


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