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Passport to Prana

Happy Friday to all the broke-ass readers out there.  It’s been a rainy couple of days in San Francisco so I’ve been doing online yoga classes at home.  Just signed up for Yogaglo again so maybe I’ll add an update to my review of the site if anything noteworthy comes up.

So I just discovered another CHEAP resource a few weeks ago from a colleague for all the yogis out there that like to try out various yoga styles/studios!    The card is called Passport to Prana and costs $30 for one year.  $30!!!  Here’s the scoop:

1. Each card is valid for one year for a specific city – there are 12 cities so if you travel a lot for one of those cities, you can purchase a separate card for $30 for that city.  Note that some of the cities listed include the surrounding cities (for example,San Francisco includes studios on the Peninsula and East Bay and Los Angeles includes studios in Orange County).  You can also get the card for Canada and Australia!

2. You can use the card only one time per studio per your membership year.  If the studio has various locations, you may attend each location that is listed once.  You can only use it for yoga classes, even if the studio offers other class formats.

Here are some potential downsides to the card:

1. It’s an actual card that you have to carry around.  I don’t even carry my ID around all the time. They mail it to you once you order the card (for an additional shipping fee – really?) or you can purchase the card directly at one of the participating studios.

2. I’m not sure how active the company is in recruiting new studios or updating their information.  In looking at the participating studios for San Francisco, I already see one studio that has been closed for some time now and is still listed on the site.

Regardless of the downsides, the upside can be huge for your wallet!  Even if there are only a handful of studios that interest you, going to 3 studios already makes this a great deal at $10 per class.  And with a year to use it, you are probably more likely to maximize its use and save some dough.  If anyone has any personal experience with the card, please share!