Fitness Instructor Retail Discounts

It’s been a rough start to 2015.  Holidays were terrible in terms of self-care.  Too much work, travel, food, and drink and not enough time running, doing yoga, eating properly, sleep, etc. and some of that has rolled into this month.  I’ve also been teaching a lot more and a current cold has been keeping me on the couch this week.

So I haven’t mentioned this but CorePower Yoga finally opened in SF!  Naturally when I heard this was finally in the works, I had to be a part of it.  I’m teaching a few classes there so look me up!  I love the new studio (they even have a little fitness room!).  What I love even more is the instructor discount on the retail items.  I’ve already purchased a handful of items by justifying the discount (review for one of those purchases coming soon).

I had known for a couple of years that certain fitness clothing stores offer discounts to fitness professionals.  I have yet to take advantage of it but wanted to do the research now in the event I feel like going on a shopping spree.  Some of these companies request reviews or other work in return so if you don’t feel like doing any extra work, hopefully the fitness studio you work at has retail and you get a nice discount.

1. Found this blog post and it includes Athleta offering a 30% in-store discount and lululemon with a 15% in-store discount.

2. This list here is older but I verified if some of the discounts noted were still accurate.  Was not able to verify the Lucy 30% in-store discount (so if you like their stuff and there is a retail location nearby, perhaps walk in and ask). This list is also great since it summarizes instructions on how to go about getting each discount.

2. Cozy Orange – 30% discount online

4. Hard Tail – 20% discount online

5. Onzie – I came across a blog that noted a discount could be provided to instructors if you email the company.

6. Beyond Yoga and Lole both offer discounts to professionals (I believe Lole also offers a discount if you aren’t) but in exchange, it’s very clear that they want you to advertise on their behalf via social media (Lole’s application led me to this conclusion since they asked if I was on certain social media platforms and how many friends/followers I had).

If you there are other clothing brands you like, a quick google search or an email to inquire if a discount exists could be your best bet.  I found the last few through a google search since I was familiar with their brands.  If there are any other discounts you know about, please feel free to share and I’ll update this page.  Also don’t forget that fitness studios sometimes offer discounts on their classes to other instructors so it never hurts to ask!


Yoga Journal LIVE! in San Francisco this Weekend

Hey broke-ass yogis!  Yoga Journal LIVE! (when did they stop referring to it as the conference??) is THIS weekend in SF and I’ll be attending!  I won these tickets through a silent auction where I was the only bidder so got a weekend pass for only $125 – pretty sweet score. I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for at least SIX HOURS of yoga both Saturday and Sunday but I’m super excited to be taking classes from some amazing teachers such as Kathryn Budig, Jason Crandell, Maty Ezraty, and of course Annie Carpenter.

As I’ve mentioned, you can be a part of the event for free!  Here are some of the highlights that caught my eye that will be held in the Sangha Space (I’m listing stuff that interests me but if you want to check out the full schedule in that space, click here):

1. Life in Balance Lecture Series – An Evening with Innovators to Discuss How Yoga is Shaping Modern Society.  Panelists Congressman Tim Ryan, Beryl Bender Birch, and Gopi Kallayil will talk about the impacts of yoga on public policy, health care, and technology.  Open Q&A to follow.  This event is not free but open to the public and tickets aren’t too pricey – $20 advance purchase and $30 at the door.

2. Kid’s Yoga.  For those that have little kids, it’s never too early to get them started! Two options to pick from during the weekend.

3. Community Class with Laura Burkhart.  FREE 1 hour class with an SF-based teacher who conducts philanthropic work through her company and teaches at YogaWorks and Yoga Tree.

4. Bhakti Flow: Devotion in Motion with Rusty Wells.  I’ve heard so many amazing things about Rusty, most recently from colleagues, and I used to take classes from a former students, who was amazing!  I will definitely be taking class!

5. Anatomy Q&A: Troubleshoot Your Pose with Harvey M. Deutch, PT.  I am super bummed this conflicts with the Rusty Wells class, otherwise, I would totally be in this class.

Hopefully you are able to take advantage of some of the offerings.  And don’t forget to check out the Yoga Marketplace where there might be some freebies!