FREE Online Yoga Conference This Weekend

Oh hey. Yes, it’s been awhile. I hate the whole “I’m sooooo busy” reason but in part it was true – full time job, teaching five yoga classes, trying to squeeze in my own personal practice and training for a half marathon. Oh and those family and social obligations. But, there were lots of days where I mindlessly watched TV or was doing something totally unproductive. And you know what, sometimes, you need those days. For me, it was a few months.

Anyhow, I came across this on my Facebook feed a couple of weeks ago and thought to myself that I definitely needed to post this on the blog. But procrastination is one of my best qualities so here it is coming to you now.

Yoga International is hosting a FREE three-day event, the Living Yoga Conference, full of presentations, practices, and workshops from 13 renowned teachers such as Seane Corn, Shiva Rea, Rod Stryker, and Elena Brower to just name a few, and it’s all happening online.  There will be “over 15 hours of presentation, practices, yoga classes, and guided meditations”.  There is also an option for the conference pass for $99, which gives you unlimited access to all the presentations, video downloads, and bonus materials.  YogaDork, who is a media sponsor, has a discount code for 10% off the conference pass.  The code is LYC1699.  Events start 10 AM Eastern time all three days so for all the non-morning people on the West Coast like myself, get that pot of coffee set up the night before.

ALSO, Yoga International offers a TON of FREE yoga classes on their site ranging from 15 minutes to full 90 minute classes! FREE FREE FREE full length classes!!!  Pretty awesome.  There is also a lot of other resources on their site (I saw a tab for yoga videos and articles in Spanish) so if you are looking to learn more about yoga on and off the mat, be sure to check out the site.


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