ANOTHER Online Yoga Conference This Weekend

Came across ANOTHER online yoga conference that is happening this weekend, starting tomorrow actually. I think it’s awesome that this platform is being used to make yoga more accessible to the masses.  While I know it’s expensive to host a multi-day event, those in-person yoga conferences and festivals exclude so many people due to the cost.  The one downside to utilizing the internet is the lack of physical community and space for the practice. I’ve carved out a small area in my bedroom for my home yoga practice since it’s the main way I get my practice in these days but I miss the feeling of being a part of a larger physical collective (although at last night’s class, I could have gone without the woman next to me who was super distracting by doing her own practice and she lacked some serious space awareness eg her foot in my face…okay digressing).

So, getting to the details of why you are probably reading this! The Yoga Is Online Conference starts Thursday, April 30 and goes until Friday, May 3. The cost of the conference is $39, which gives you unlimited access to all the content during and after this weekend, which means you can watch it at anytime and you aren’t limited to just this weekend. To me, it’s not quite a conference but more me buying a series of yoga downloads.

The conference is hosted by Yoga Is, a documentary about one woman’s path with yoga. Suzanne Bryant, who is the filmmaker and the woman featured in the documentary, created this conference, to include 30 yoga and meditation teachers  such as Seane Corn, Dharma Mittra, Baron Baptiste, Kathryn Budig, Congressman Tim Ryan, Sally Kempton, and Rodney and Colleen Yee.  “Over the four days, seven to eight videos will be offered per day. The videos will contain two main sections: an interview with the teacher, then an immediate follow up class that will relate to the content of the interview.” You get 30 minute interviews and classes with each of the instructors.

The topics all look really interesting and definitely not content that I can normally access with my online yoga subscriptions.  I’m on the fence with this since I’ve had an extra frugal mindset recently. If you are reading this and purchase the conference, please feel free to share your thoughts and comments. I’m sure this won’t be the last one so feedback for future years would be helpful!


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