MAJOR Discount on MyYogaWorks Online Membership

Seriously, it’s huge. Just wanted to include this disclosure that an affiliate program for contacted me and asked me to participate. I hesitated and finally responded to learn more and only agreed if it meant a heavy discount for all of you guys. They said it would be and it definitely is. And if you sign up through my site, I get some change, so win-win. is offering all of you the first three months membership for $3 plus a free 14 day trial membership. THREE DOLLARS. The cost of a cup of coffee for in home yoga. Seriously, it’s pretty good, right? Check out my review of MyYogaWorks that I did awhile back if you would like more information.

If you are ready to get your home practice on, click on this link, sign up for the free trial and use code 3FOR3 to get your three months of yoga for $3. This deal is only good until 5/20/15.

Happy Friday!!

***Update 5/27/15: This deal has been extended until 6/30/15. So if you’ve been thinking about it and felt like you missed out, get on it!

2 thoughts on “MAJOR Discount on MyYogaWorks Online Membership

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  2. Beware!! I purchased a groupon for the Myyogaworks site and it is a scam!! Not only did the groupon not work, but they also charged my credit card an additional $80. On top of that they appear to have no customer service. I have emailed 4 times with no response. The phone always goes to voicemail and the mailbox is full. The website is very confusing and set up to get your money real quick.

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