Outdoor Voices Discount

Hi friends! Happy new year!! I hope it’s off to a happy and healthy start for all.

I’ve been a bit overwhelmed, in a good way, with work recently and I know the postings have been less consistent. But it doesn’t mean that I’m not keeping an eye out for deals. I don’t want to post every single sale I come across (seriously, if you are willing to get lots of emails, just sign up to receive emails from the companies that you like and will get sale notices all the time! You should NEVER EVER be paying retail for GAPfit stuff since they have big sales all the time) unless it’s a very very good deal.

Came across this discount code and realized I personally hadn’t seen one yet for Outdoor Voices. This recreational clothing company has blown up over the past year. Their clothes look super cute but I haven’t gotten around to buying anything from them since I have plenty of workout clothes and can get great discounts elsewhere if I need something. But I did come across a promo code that I wanted to share: HEY2017 will get you $20 off your first order. I tested it out and it doesn’t look like it applies to their Kits. I don’t have a need for new gear so probably won’t get anything this time around but happy shopping if this is useful!