Outdoor Voices Discount

Hi friends! Happy new year!! I hope it’s off to a happy and healthy start for all.

I’ve been a bit overwhelmed, in a good way, with work recently and I know the postings have been less consistent. But it doesn’t mean that I’m not keeping an eye out for deals. I don’t want to post every single sale I come across (seriously, if you are willing to get lots of emails, just sign up to receive emails from the companies that you like and will get sale notices all the time! You should NEVER EVER be paying retail for GAPfit stuff since they have big sales all the time) unless it’s a very very good deal.

Came across this discount code and realized I personally hadn’t seen one yet for Outdoor Voices. This recreational clothing company has blown up over the past year. Their clothes look super cute but I haven’t gotten around to buying anything from them since I have plenty of workout clothes and can get great discounts elsewhere if I need something. But I did come across a promo code that I wanted to share: HEY2017 will get you $20 off your first order. I tested it out and it doesn’t look like it applies to their Kits. I don’t have a need for new gear so probably won’t get anything this time around but happy shopping if this is useful!


Black Friday 2016 Deals for Yogis and Runners

I unfortunately have to be physically near a mall on Black Friday. I’m visiting my in-laws and they live near one. Other than that, I am hoping to be as far away from shopping centers as possible for the remainder of the year. I used to be one of those people that got up super early to catch the first deals at the mall but I’ve discovered you can get the same awesome deals without leaving the comfort of your bed. And I’ve just become a grumpy old lady that doesn’t like crowds and how crazy people get towards one another over a tv.

I’m pretty good on gear this year so I’m hoping to be spending my long weekend logging miles for my first marathon or getting some hikes in. But for all of you, I’ve compiled deals that I’ve been seeing to prep you for your holiday shopping or gift-giving needs. Most are for Black Friday/Black Friday weekend and based on what I see, I may update for Cyber Monday.

Alo Yoga – 30% using code INSTA30 or ALOVIP30

Athleta – 20% online and in-stores

Beyond Yoga – 30% off online using code BLACKOUT 

CorePower Yoga – 20% off gift card purchases online or in studio

GapFit – 50% using code TGIF50 (applies to everything at Gap in-store or online)

Manduka – 25% off their gift guide items and free shipping for $50+

Old Navy Activewear – 50% off this and the rest of the store

Onzie – 40% off the entire website on Friday with code GIVINGBACK

Sweaty Betty – 25% off Black Friday weekend

Target – 30% off C9 Activewear for Black Friday

Fitness Trackers – list of deals for fitness trackers/smart watches

Runners! Pretty full list of Black Friday deals from Runner’s World for gadgets, clothes, and brands. I noticed a Garmin GPS watch at $80 off. Check out the list here.


MAJOR Discount on MyYogaWorks Online Membership

Seriously, it’s huge. Just wanted to include this disclosure that an affiliate program for MyYogaWorks.com contacted me and asked me to participate. I hesitated and finally responded to learn more and only agreed if it meant a heavy discount for all of you guys. They said it would be and it definitely is. And if you sign up through my site, I get some change, so win-win.

MyYogaWorks.com is offering all of you the first three months membership for $3 plus a free 14 day trial membership. THREE DOLLARS. The cost of a cup of coffee for in home yoga. Seriously, it’s pretty good, right? Check out my review of MyYogaWorks that I did awhile back if you would like more information.

If you are ready to get your home practice on, click on this link, sign up for the free trial and use code 3FOR3 to get your three months of yoga for $3. This deal is only good until 5/20/15.

Happy Friday!!

***Update 5/27/15: This deal has been extended until 6/30/15. So if you’ve been thinking about it and felt like you missed out, get on it!

Fitness Instructor Retail Discounts

It’s been a rough start to 2015.  Holidays were terrible in terms of self-care.  Too much work, travel, food, and drink and not enough time running, doing yoga, eating properly, sleep, etc. and some of that has rolled into this month.  I’ve also been teaching a lot more and a current cold has been keeping me on the couch this week.

So I haven’t mentioned this but CorePower Yoga finally opened in SF!  Naturally when I heard this was finally in the works, I had to be a part of it.  I’m teaching a few classes there so look me up!  I love the new studio (they even have a little fitness room!).  What I love even more is the instructor discount on the retail items.  I’ve already purchased a handful of items by justifying the discount (review for one of those purchases coming soon).

I had known for a couple of years that certain fitness clothing stores offer discounts to fitness professionals.  I have yet to take advantage of it but wanted to do the research now in the event I feel like going on a shopping spree.  Some of these companies request reviews or other work in return so if you don’t feel like doing any extra work, hopefully the fitness studio you work at has retail and you get a nice discount.

1. Found this blog post and it includes Athleta offering a 30% in-store discount and lululemon with a 15% in-store discount.

2. This list here is older but I verified if some of the discounts noted were still accurate.  Was not able to verify the Lucy 30% in-store discount (so if you like their stuff and there is a retail location nearby, perhaps walk in and ask). This list is also great since it summarizes instructions on how to go about getting each discount.

2. Cozy Orange – 30% discount online

4. Hard Tail – 20% discount online

5. Onzie – I came across a blog that noted a discount could be provided to instructors if you email the company.

6. Beyond Yoga and Lole both offer discounts to professionals (I believe Lole also offers a discount if you aren’t) but in exchange, it’s very clear that they want you to advertise on their behalf via social media (Lole’s application led me to this conclusion since they asked if I was on certain social media platforms and how many friends/followers I had).

If you there are other clothing brands you like, a quick google search or an email to inquire if a discount exists could be your best bet.  I found the last few through a google search since I was familiar with their brands.  If there are any other discounts you know about, please feel free to share and I’ll update this page.  Also don’t forget that fitness studios sometimes offer discounts on their classes to other instructors so it never hurts to ask!

Rank & Style’s Ten Best Yoga Pants

So this blog is all about saving money for the broke-ass yogis, runners, and fitness enthusiasts out there.  I definitely fall into that category and while I may be a broke-ass and frugal individual, I’ve always said I’m not cheap.  It’s very rare that I would I would buy poor quality fitness clothing even if it means saving a ton of money.  I’d rather wait for sales or wait for colors to be discontinued than to buy tops or bottoms that don’t function properly.  Alternatively, I will buy the item at full retail cost if it’s functional, will last me a long time, and I’ll wear it often – I have three pairs of lululemon shorts.  I know, I know…but these shorts were so much more functional, less baggy, and more flattering than the Nike Tempo shorts I had.  A friend of mine worked for the company and introduced them to me.  I bought one and liked it so much that I bought two more.  Unfortunately, the latter two, though the exact same style and size, had changes made to it and I hated them – shorter, tighter, booty-ish shorts.  I’ve become modest in my older age.  I still wear them though since I do own them but it’s when I go through some of my other shorts first.  But I digress again…

Rank and Style - yoga pants

Cost per wear is how I’ve always justified buying pricier things.  For the most part, this works out in my favor and makes the initial cost of the item totally worth it.  It saves you time and money from constantly having to buy a replacement when the other one wears down too quickly.  Other times, like the celebratory heels I bought for myself before moving to SF, I wore it twice and it now collects dust.  Damn SF hills!  So today’s post features the ten best yoga pants as determined by Rank and Style.  Of course, all the yoga pants range from $68-$98!  That’s a lot of money!  But if you are focusing on value and cost per wear, perhaps investing in some quality yoga pants (if you are actually going to use it for yoga and not just to the grocery store) might make sense.  Always check on other sites like Amazon for discounted items or retailmenot for coupon codes if you are buying directly from the company’s site.  BTW, I don’t own any of the pants on this list but I am eyeing the Beyond Yoga (love the ruching) and Alo leggings on the list.  Amazon sells the Beyond Yoga pants and if you like really bright colors, they have a few that are definitely discounted.

Happy shopping!

GapFit Sale – 40% Off!

Happy Monday all!  Here is another sale to look into if you are in need of some new workout wear.  Yesterday, I was walking to Union Square in SF to meet up with a friend and saw someone sporting a super pretty shade of teal workout capris.  I scanned her legs for any identifiable logo and noticed it was from Gap.  I went online when I got home to look up the capris and saw that there was a sale going on.  I was pretty excited to incorporate a fresh new color into my workout clothes, and for a discounted rate.

My excitement waned pretty quickly when I found the capris and then found the reviews associated with it.  So many people seem to be unhappy with them, mainly citing issues with sheerness.  I already own two pairs from a few years ago and really like them.  I’m still thinking about buying this teal one and then return it if I’m experiencing the same thing.  I may be frugal but I refuse to buy poor quality workout clothes.

Sale is in-store and online and expires 11:59 PM EST today.  Use code ALERT if buying online.

HUGE Discount on Target’s C9 Fitness Apparel!

C9 deal

Target is offering a ridiculously huge discount on their C9 by Champion fitness apparel and accessories – 40%.  But it’s just for today only.  If you don’t have it, and don’t mind another method of them tracking your purchases, you will need to download their Cartwheel application on your smartphone/computer.  They have tons of categories and discounts that you can add to your list, including this one-day 40% off coupon.  When you get to checkout, all you have to is display the Cartwheel barcode with your smartphone or the printout from home and everything that you’ve added to your list that was in your cart for the day will automatically get that discount.  Sometimes the discounts are small for the everyday items you purchase but a discount is still a discount, right?  Happy shopping all!

Gear Review: Target C9 Leggings


I hope everyone had a happy holiday!  I went home to Southern California for a week and it was glorious!  I only opened up my laptop once for work and the rest of the time was spent running in the sun and enjoying the company of friends and family.

I always thought I would look terrible in leggings, skinny jeans, or any sort of tapered pant.  But a few years ago, my fiance dragged me snowboarding.  Yes, dragged.  I suck at snowboard, skiing, anything that requires me getting off a lift.  I needed warm clothes to layer underneath my winter jacket and pants.  I didn’t really want to buy long underwear so decided to look for tights and long sleeved t-shirts instead.  Not wanting to invest a lot of money into clothing I wouldn’t wear that often, I went to Target and ended up finding an awesome pair of running/yoga tights for less than half the price of some other big brands.  An awesome alternative to those luIus or other pricey yoga pants.  I also realized I didn’t look so bad in them.  I wore them once for about a half day snowboarding and after being tired of sucking so much and falling off the lift every single time, I ended my day.  The next day when everyone was out on the slopes, I decided to go for a run.  My tights kept me warm, there was no sagging/stretching of the material in the butt (what I typically experience with cheap leggings), and they kept me comfortable.

Living in San Diego, there isn’t a big need for running tights.  Sure it gets cold but it’s only for a couple of nights out of the year.  And I don’t run in the dark so it doesn’t matter.  When I started picking up hot power yoga, my shorts weren’t particularly helpful since sweaty skin in contact with sweaty skin made for slippery arm balances and face plants.  I noticed a lot of people with long tights and remembered I also owned a pair.  I dusted them off for a class and what a world of difference.  First, it limited the sweat dripping off of me and onto my mat.  The pants did a good job of absorbing sweat.  It also allowed to get into some arm balances without awkward placement of a towel or risking landing on my face.  It moves well with my body and I’ve done a couple of checks in the mirror for sheerness – can’t see through them.  After coming home from a sweaty yoga class, SOMETIMES I’ll stay in my clothes to get dinner going before showering.  Sorry it’s gross but I get hungry easily!  For those of you that happen to get stuck in sweaty yoga clothes, you’ll be happy to know that these dried pretty quickly.

I love these tights for their function and price point and own three pairs now since they just released a purple color and I couldn’t help myself.  Two of leggings that I own are from their “premium” line.  I believe this is supposed to be their top performing line, providing some compression, moisture wicking, and 4-way stretch.  The most recent purple purchase is from the premium line and it’s also reversible.  I also own a gray pair from their “advanced” line.  I’m pretty sure the only feature it’s lacking from the premium line is the compression feature.  The pant is a little bit more lightweight but still does what the premium pants do, but for slightly cheaper.  I spoke with a Target sales associate and here was her breakdown: the premium line is the highest quality line with 4-way stretch and thicker and better material; the advanced line has thinner material and has “less give”; and their active line is the most basic (though I was unable to find this particular line on the website).  I’ve noticed that these leggings are seasonal – I was looking to pick up another pair this past summer and couldn’t find them in the store or online until more recently.  With some of the sales going on, check them out now if you are interested.

Recently, I’ve noticed that the Target C9 line is offering items that are more stylish and similar to some of the brand name fitness clothing companies.  I haven’t loved every piece of activewear I’ve purchased from Target in the past but overall, I’m pretty satisfied.  Just another option to check out for all us broke-ass folks.