Free Yoga Teacher Training?????

Have you been thinking about yoga teacher training and the costs have got you down? Yoga Garden San Francisco is offering one lucky person a scholarship for a FREE 200-hour teacher training. FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I sort of want to apply.

To qualify for the scholarship, you must be available for their 12-week program starting in April OR their month long immersion in May, 2016. To apply, click here. All entries must be submitted by March 14.

Good luck!


Free Fitness Classes in DC


Reebok Store

Hey DC readers, did you know that there a ton of fitness stores in your area offering free workouts?  From run clubs to HIIT workouts to yoga, it looks like there is a little bit of everything to add some variety to your fitness routine.  Many of these stores partner up with local gyms and studios to bring you awesome classes from some amazing instructors in the community.  Check out your options here!  And this is not only true in DC but all over.  So check out your local fitness store and see what freebies are available to you.


Online Yoga Membership Giveaway!


I was contacted by recently and was offered a gift membership to their online yoga community.  Here was the blurb they sent me:

We are the first bilingual online yoga community offering high-definition streaming videos in English and French.   MyVirtualYoga has a growing library of practices that explore various yoga traditions: Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Kundalini, Pranayama, Meditation, and more.  On top of the videos, we also feature a wide range of wellness information related to natural health surrounding yoga (nutrition, internal retreats, Ayurveda, meditation, Pranayama, herbalism, aromatherapy, etc.).

The thing that caught my eye first was that they had videos in French!  I studied French for a long time and it’s also been a long time since I’ve used it but I can still speak/understand a few things here and there.  I may try to take a class in French and see how I do!  I just signed up for my membership and am excited to try it out. has also generously offered you broke-ass readers a free gift membership as well!  I am able to give away two 3-month online memberships to the site!  This is valued at $57 each and is not redeemable for cash.

It’s easy to enter.  Just list three words that describe your yoga practice in the comments section below and I’ll pick two winners at random next Thursday morning (January 30).  So if you are looking to try yoga, start a home practice, expand on your yoga related health and wellness knowledge, supplement your gym membership, or whatever your reason, enter now!

In the meantime, if you wish to follow via their social media outlets:

Facebook: My Virtual Yoga
Twitter: @myvirtualyoga
Pinterest: My Virtual Yoga

Good luck!

Freebies at the Yoga Journal Conference


If you think the registration fee for the Yoga Journal Conference is a tad obscene, you can still experience parts of the event for free.  I’m not sure how I missed this the first time around when I did my post on the work-exchange program.

I really wanted to go this year since I actually live in SF now but I already had a trip planned with friends and couldn’t take more time off of work.  I did find out that one of my former teachers in San Diego was attending and met up with her on Sunday for lunch and a walk around Chinatown.  She had just done her last morning session and had the conference program with her.  She invited me to attend a panel with her after our lunch and mentioned it was open and free to the public.  I was hesitant but she showed me the program and there it was – a few pages in the back  of the free events throughout the weekend (or events that were open to the public with a fee), including community classes, guided meditations, film screenings, information sessions, demos, and music.  Also in the program was a partnership page featuring local studios.  Next to some of the studio names are stars and if you bring the ad to any of those studios, your first class with them is free.  Not bad!  I ended up attending a panel discussion with Jason Crandell, Baxter Bell, Stephanie Snyder, and Maty Ezraty on the risks of yoga and how we as teachers and practitioners can create a safer environment.  Lots of good viewpoints…and it was free.

Outside of the classes and lectures, you are surrounded by the yoga marketplace.  This is also free and open to the public.  The closest thing I can equate this to is a running expo.  There are a ton of vendors and sponsors there selling yoga apparel and accessories, health and beauty products, healthy living and nutrition services, jewelry, and information on yoga studios and retreats.  Like expos, there are freebies and samples given away.  I limited myself on the food products but did walk away with a mini bottle of Manduka’s Mat Renew – score!  I even found a promo code for a yoga exhibit that is coming to the Asian Art Museum in February.  Hint: it’s the name of the yoga magazine that puts the conference on – all one word!

So if you can’t afford the month’s salary to attend this conference, there are still a lot of free things that you can do and as I mentioned, still get to experience the conference and the hundreds of yogis walking around barefoot (unless you are practicing, this is actually gross to me).  So New York, San Diego, Colorado, and Florida – you guys are up next.  If you are broke like me, you have some options!

Enter to Win a FREE 200-hour Teacher Training at YogaWorks

Yes you read right.  FREE.  Of course, you have to do a little work for it.

Everything in my mailbox today was for me and yoga-related: Athleta catalog, a renewal notice for my yoga teacher insurance, and the latest issue of Yoga Journal.  I was eager to flip through the pages of my magazine since I failed to update my address for my subscription and didn’t get last month’s issue.  I passed by an advertisement for YogaWorks and normally would have kept on going but luckily for all of you, I noticed this awesome offer.  The text was pretty small so I’m assuming they wanted to limit the amount of eyes on the opportunity?  Who knows.  Anyhoo, YogaWorks is offering a FREE 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2014, which typically costs around $3,500, at select locations (looks like studios in New York and California).  All you have to do is write an essay in response to this question: what are you excited to learn and how will you apply your training to your life?  Applications are due December 15 so start writing!  Click here for the full details.

For those not looking for teacher training, YogaWorks offers online classes that you can try for free for 14 days.  If you have gone through the free trial and are considering getting the subscription service, you can get 50% off first month’s fees with the promo code MYWYJ50.

Free Bike Light Giveaway in San Francisco

This post has nothing to do with yoga or running.  But it is health related and is for all the broke cyclists out there in San Francisco.

Through the “Light Up the Night” campaign, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority are giving away free front and rear bike lights to cyclists who don’t already have them.  Not only does this increase your safety while biking at night, but it’s the law.  I don’t know about some of you but it freaks me out biking around next to big buses and cars during the day – I would NEVER bike at night without ensuring I was visible to vehicles.

The giveaway stations will be in the Lower Haight tonight (November 21), the Mission District on Tuesday December 3, and Civic Center on Tuesday December 17.  Times for all days are from 5 – 7:30 pm.  You must have your bike with you so it can be installed.


Win a Free Manduka eKO Yoga Mat!

I can’t believe it’s already the middle of October!  Where did the time go?  It’s already been two months since I started work and moved up to San Francisco.  It wasn’t until now that some semblance of a routine formed and plans aren’t always up in the air anymore.  I’m finally starting to feel a bit more settled and starting to look for teaching jobs, ideally in the city but if I find something in the East Bay, I would definitely consider it since I work there anyway (hint hint – anyone out there know of a studio, hotel, workplace, gym,etc. that is looking for a vinyasa yoga instructor, please let me know!).

OK, on to the topic of the post!  I came across this contest on Manduka’s Facebook page (you should definitely “like” the companies that makes your favorite products since this is how a lot of them advertise, engage, notify you of sales, etc).  From now until November 7, Manduka will be giving away one free eKO yoga mat a day!  As long as you don’t mind giving them your email, you can enter once a day and you can bet I’ll be entering every day that I remember – hey, it’s a free mat!  Apparently, this mat offers a new non-slip grip for super sweaty yoga sessions and is also lighterin weight that the prolite mat I have, which makes for easier transportation.

Enter Now!

Good luck to all of you!

Free Online Classes from Yogaworks


Yogaworks is a large chain with studios located all over California and New York.  I came across a deal where you can get a month of free online Yogaworks classes so I’m sharing!  I’ve only taken a handful of classes at a studio in Los Angeles and this was early in my yoga journey so all I remember was feeling very awkward and constantly looking around to see what everyone was doing.  Like with many other sites that offer deals or free trials, you will have to put in your credit card information and remember to cancel prior to the end of your trial.  To get your free month with Yogaworks, just enter code MBGSOCIAL1.