Manduka Discount Code

Hope everyone enjoyed a lovely solstice weekend.

Came across a deal from Manduka in my inbox and it was too good to not share. Use discount code 30OFF60 at checkout to save $30 when you spend $60 or more. With a PROlite mat retailing at $80, you can get it for $50. Not bad for a mat with a lifetime guarantee. I happen to own this mat as well and it’s been going strong for the past 2.5 years. This deal expires June 26.

Also, if you haven’t already checked it out, is offering a 93% discount off a three month online membership. For new students, click on this link, sign up for the free trial and use code 3FOR3 to get your three months of yoga for $3.


Discounts on Manduka and YogaRat Mats and Props

LeftLane Sports has another sale for all you yogis out there.  You can find discounts on mats and props from both Manduka and YogaRat.  I already have a Manduka mat (that I got for way less than retail) but even with the ProLite, it’s still a heavy mat to tote around in the city.  I’m so tempted to pick up another mat but I just can’t justify the cost even with some of these mats being $20, especially now that I’m in the midst of wedding planning.  BTW, I pretty much hate the entire process but I won’t bore you with the details here…maybe in another post.  But if you are in the market for some new yoga equipment, check out these deals.  Sale ends Friday March 21.


Black Friday Deals


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For years, I would wake up super early and head to the mall with my mom to take advantage of the Black Friday deals where I mostly bought stuff for myself.  Maybe it’s my old age but I can’t handle the crowds and lines anymore.  The whole waking up early part is not too appealing either.  Online shopping is the only way I shop on Black Friday if I do any shopping at all.  Here are some deals that I came across that might interest some of you.  I’ll continue to add more throughout the morning as I find them.

Manduka – 25% off site wide through 12/2

Athleta – 20% off site wide

Gap, specifically GapFit – 50% off everything

CEP Compression – 10% off and 40% off clearance

Beyond Yoga – 30% off with code CYBER13 through 12/2

Yogitoes – 25% off everything

DiscountMags – It’s the gift that keeps giving!  Lots of great deals on sports and health magazines

Manduka (and More) Products on Sale

Hello readers, hope you are all having a great weekend.  It’s been beautiful in SF!


I came across this deal in my inbox from GearBuzz, which is operated by Competitor (I think I was signed up or started receiving emails after doing their Rock n Roll races).  I’m not sure how GearBuzz is affiliated with this site but oftentimes when I actually click on the deals being advertised, it takes me to a site called LeftLane Sports, which has deals for footwear, clothing and gear for “outdoor, fitness, and action sports enthusiasts.”  This site is similar to a lot of other shopping sites where you have to be a member or sign in via your email in order to access the prices.  I finally signed up since the deal that caught my attention was from Manduka.  The deals include eKo Lite mats starting at $30, bolsters starting at $40, towels at $30, and other items such as blankets, totes, blocks, and straps.  Granted you can some of these other items elsewhere without the Manduka name for a lot less.  But if the brand is selling point, check it out quickly…perhaps do some early holiday shopping.  The sale ends this Thursday, November 14.

Win a Free Manduka eKO Yoga Mat!

I can’t believe it’s already the middle of October!  Where did the time go?  It’s already been two months since I started work and moved up to San Francisco.  It wasn’t until now that some semblance of a routine formed and plans aren’t always up in the air anymore.  I’m finally starting to feel a bit more settled and starting to look for teaching jobs, ideally in the city but if I find something in the East Bay, I would definitely consider it since I work there anyway (hint hint – anyone out there know of a studio, hotel, workplace, gym,etc. that is looking for a vinyasa yoga instructor, please let me know!).

OK, on to the topic of the post!  I came across this contest on Manduka’s Facebook page (you should definitely “like” the companies that makes your favorite products since this is how a lot of them advertise, engage, notify you of sales, etc).  From now until November 7, Manduka will be giving away one free eKO yoga mat a day!  As long as you don’t mind giving them your email, you can enter once a day and you can bet I’ll be entering every day that I remember – hey, it’s a free mat!  Apparently, this mat offers a new non-slip grip for super sweaty yoga sessions and is also lighterin weight that the prolite mat I have, which makes for easier transportation.

Enter Now!

Good luck to all of you!

Never Pay Retail for a Yoga Mat


A bit of a side note, over the past week or so my body was just tired and not really responding to any of the yoga classes I was taking.  I modified a lot and backed off but my body just didn’t want to be there.  So I did what I normally never do…I rested.  I took two days off from any exercise and returned this morning to take one of my favorite instructor’s classes and I felt sooo good!  I should definitely take my advice more often and take rest days!

Okay, back to the topic of this post.  For most of my life, I’ve been frugal with most things (let’s not confuse this with being cheap).  I’ve come to realize that with so many things out there, you can get it without paying retail.  Sometimes the discount is minimal but it’s still a discount, right?

I bought a Gaiam yoga mat around three years ago at Target (probably at retail but at $20-ish, it didn’t matter) .  And during those three years, I lovingly used my mat on a regular basis and then within the past year, I used it daily if not multiple times a day.  My mat has become a bit too flat for me and there are stains on it that I can’t remove even after a thorough cleaning.  I told myself that as a reward for going through teacher training, I would get myself a nice new mat.  And I definitely did not pay retail for my mat.  I knew I was going to purchase my mat through CPY since after teacher training, they gave us a 20% coupon for taking a feedback survey.  Also, CPY has a referral program (I believe I’ve been to other studios that do something similar) where you get $5 for anything at CPY.  So throughout the teacher training and extensions program, I invited my friends to come take my classes and started building my referral dollars.  With the discount and the referral dollars, I was able to purchase my new mat – a Manduka PROlite Mat – for around $40.  The retail price is $78.  That is a pretty damn good deal, right?

This does require a certain amount of patience but if you don’t have to have a new mat right away, you can walk away with a quality mat for not a lot of money.  Check out your local yoga studio and see if there are any financial incentives to refer friends.  I’m also on the email list for yoga studios in the area so I’m notified whenever they have sales for their retail products.  Sites such as Amazon and Retail Me Not also offer deals or coupon codes at retailers that sell yoga mats.  Also, you can try going directly to sites that manufacture yoga mats and see if they are offering any deals.

If you do have an old yoga mat that you are looking to swap out, consider recycling it instead of adding to the landfill.  AND while you are helping to save the planet, you can get savings towards a new yoga mat!  Uhhh, why wouldn’t you do this?  Perhaps plan on this when you are taking a break from yoga and not needing your mat.  There is a company out there called Recycle Your Mat and you can recycle your mat in a couple of ways.  You can either clean it and send it to the company yourself, or you can use their location finder to find a studio that collects mats to recycle.  I used the location finder and there was a studio not far from me participating in the program.  The studio may charge a small fee to offset shipping costs.  Once they receive your mat, they will email you a coupon for 20% off a Manduka mat or any Manduka gear.  I thought about keeping my old Gaiam mat around for park yoga or just to have an extra mat lying around but since I’ll be moving to San Francisco, every inch is crucial so I’ll definitely go this route if I get rid of my old mat.

The purpose of this post is not to tell you that expensive yoga mats are better.  Depending on how often you will be using your mat, $20 yoga mat may suit you just fine.  Places like Marshalls and TJ Maxx have mats that are as cheap as $10.  My mat probably would have held up for another five years if I was only practicing a few days a week, especially with the added protection of a towel when I practice.  I was looking for something that was durable and would provide more support for a daily practice and did A LOT of research.  I chose Manduka because of the lifetime guarantee, essentially negating the need to purchase another mat in the future.

Whatever mat you own, make sure you take care of it to extend its life.  Here are some great tips on how to care for your mat.