Sort of Free Fitness Classes

Sorry guys, no hump day inspiration post today.  I just didn’t come across anything that inspired me and I don’t want to force the cheese.

So I’m super bummed I found out about this AFTER I moved out of Los Angeles.  But for those of you living in Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, and New York, you are in luck.

The American Health and Fitness Alliance offers a fitness passbook that gives you FREE access to health clubs, spas, and studios all over the mentioned cities, which include yoga, pilates, martial arts, dance, cycling, and even personal training.  New York is the only city that has three different passbooks broken down into more specific categories: fitness, yoga, and pilates.  The passes vary but all get you a minimum of two free visits while some give you a week to a month for free.  Additionally, if you end up getting a year’s prepaid membership to any of the participating health clubs or studios, you get your money back for the passbook.  This means unfortunately, the passbook itself is not free.  The Alliance subsidizes the cost of the passbook “to encourage more people… to experience the benefits of health and exercise.” It costs $85 plus tax and shipping and handling BUT if you like varying your workout and trying out new studios, this is not a bad deal at all.  $85 barely covers the cost of some yoga studio memberships for a month.  $85 is probably cheaper than any year long membership to any fitness or health facility.  Crossing my fingers that they do one for San Francisco, since that is where I’ll be moving.