Discount on San Jose’s Rock n’ Roll Races

It’s been a hot minute, I know.

Came across this deal and wanted to share – Groupon is offering some savings off of the Rock n’ Roll race series in San Jose, with a 5K at $30 to the half marathon at $79. This race seems to be priced a little more affordably than some of their other races in the series. While the discount isn’t huge, it’s still a discount and it beats scouring the internet for discount codes. You have two more days to buy the deal from Groupon and then you will still need to register for the race via the instructions – read them carefully. The race is in early October.

Happy running!


Discount on Rock ‘n’ Roll Race

RnR promo

The Competitor Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series has a special offer – save $20 on any US race if you register on December 12.  This is a slightly better offer than some of the other ones I’ve seen ($13-$15).  AND in looking at the list of race fees, is it just me or are the races actually cheaper this coming year??  I haven’t considered doing a Rock ‘n’ Roll race in a long time since they tend to be so pricey but with a $20 discount and their current listed prices, it’s actually not too bad.  Check it all out here.

Save Money on any Rock ‘n’ Roll Race this Saturday


Many of the Rock ‘n’ Roll race registration fees can be pretty pricey ranging from $150 to nearly $200 for some of the half and full marathons. I get that more money is necessary to put on events of this size but really?? The only Rock ‘n’ Roll race I did was the inaugural Las Vegas race at night and I was extremely disappointed. It may have been the first time that the race was done at night, but it was not the first time the race was done in Las Vegas so MANY of the little things that bothered me and many others should not have been issues. But that has been my only experience with this race series and I’ve heard good things from other people. With that being said, if you are eyeing one of the Rock ‘n’ Roll races, there’s a deal to save $13 off any race on Saturday, April 13. Or if you want to hold off a bit, they offer this deal on the 13th of every month.  The discount code is LUCKY13.  Register here.