More Free Online Yoga!

YD Yoga

This time, courtesy of the YogaDork blog.  Here’s what they had to say on their blog post today:

We’re very pleased to announce that starting today we will be regularly featuring free online yoga videos courtesy of the one and only Yoga International. Enjoy our first offering, a shakti flow practice to get the energy flowing and the blood pumping. Our Valentine to you.

Have a happy Friday/Valentine’s Day!



Hump Day Inspiration

I came across this video on YogaDork and I thought it was too good not to share. This man wanted to do a handstand and hold it…for THREE seconds. That’s all. And he practiced a lot. And fell out of it a lot. But he kept going.  We’re always told that it’s the journey that’s most important, whether it’s our yoga practice or life.  And I couldn’t agree more.  The first time I got into forearm stand, I thought back to the perseverance and the work I put into getting to that point and it made the moment that much better.  I still struggle with the pose but it’s all about the work that you put in.  Remember, “there is no such thing as failure. It’s all just PRACTICE for whatever comes next.”

lululemon Warehouse Sale – Yawn!

lulu sale

I mentioned in an earlier post that I don’t buy lululemon anymore since they are so damn expensive but also, I dislike the company’s exclusionary and cult-like culture.  You can check out one of their most recent controversies at one of my favorite yoga blogs – YogaDork. However, my blog is not about my feelings towards a company but about sharing resources to make your yoga, running, and health lifestyle more accessible.  With that said, lululemon is having a three day warehouse sale in downtown Los Angeles.  It’s THIS weekend starting Friday, September 13 and ends Sunday, September 15.  Doors open from 8 am to 8 pm.  Not sure what kind of deals they have but if you want your lulu at a discount, check out their site for more information.  Whatever you do, make sure you bring a friend to check for sheerness!