Review of MyYogaWorks

Alignment, alignment, alignment!


Late last year, YogaWorks contacted me about a groupon deal for the their online yoga classes through to share with all of you.  BTW, the deal seems like it’s still going on so check it out!  I had signed up for their free 14-day trial but this was poorly timed as I only had the opportunity to take advantage of a couple of classes.  Yogaworks graciously offered an extended online membership to MyYogaWorks and this has given me the opportunity to fully explore their site.

If you couldn’t tell by the first three words, YogaWorks is all about alignment and that is what you will get with their online classes.  I LOVE alignment, perhaps a bit too much, and the teachers are constantly giving tons of instructions to help you refine each posture. All their instructors have done advanced studies through a 500 hour teaching certification so I feel confident about the cues and directions they are giving me.  And if there was any doubt about how to get into a pose, there are typically two yogis demonstrating the pose with one offering modifications. You can search for classes by duration, difficulty level, teacher, target areas, benefits, and even videos for aspiring teachers.  MyYogaWorks also has a section that they call their “Journey Series.” It’s a sequence of videos that help you get into a specific pose, learn yoga basics, complement a specific sport, or help you destress for your wedding.  The site is simple, clean, and easy to use. I will say that I do like the variety of teachers, instructional styles, etc with some of the other online sites but you still can’t go wrong here – a lot of quality teachers and classes to choose from.

As I mentioned, they have a 14-day free trial and your credit card is required to sign up.  You can use this coupon code YOGA2014 for a free month with MyYogaWorks. After that, it’s $15 per month. If you are hesitant to give up your email or just want to take a yoga class from time to time, Yoganonymous offers a free full length class from MyYogaWorks on their site.  Not sure how often they switch out the classes but it’s another option.  And who doesn’t like options??


MyYogaWorks Groupon Deal


If you follow the yoga industry, you are probably familiar with some of the big name yoga instructors.  Kathryn Budig, Vinnie Marino, Maty Ezraty, Annie Carpenter, Briohny Smyth, etc.  What do these yoga instructors have in common?  They are all YogaWorks trained and one is the founder of the company.  I’m bummed I didn’t discover YogaWorks earlier when I was living in Los Angeles but I have had some recent experiences with them in the studio up here in San Francisco and I’ll share my review of my experience in the near future.

If you are interested in exploring their alignment-based yoga classes in your own home, there is a groupon deal going on for, their online yoga studio.  This is being offered for a very limited amount of time.  I’m told it’s some sort of test phase so if you are interested, you only have a couple of days left to sign up.  Check it out here.  $35 for a 6-month membership or 12-months for $65.  Definitely not bad.  Like most other sites, you can sort videos by level or duration.  Other features include choosing videos by the benefits or target areas. Just an FYI, not all instructors listed above have instructional videos on the site.  I’ll be testing out the site and providing a review at a later time.  I owe you guys a lot of reviews!

Enter to Win a FREE 200-hour Teacher Training at YogaWorks

Yes you read right.  FREE.  Of course, you have to do a little work for it.

Everything in my mailbox today was for me and yoga-related: Athleta catalog, a renewal notice for my yoga teacher insurance, and the latest issue of Yoga Journal.  I was eager to flip through the pages of my magazine since I failed to update my address for my subscription and didn’t get last month’s issue.  I passed by an advertisement for YogaWorks and normally would have kept on going but luckily for all of you, I noticed this awesome offer.  The text was pretty small so I’m assuming they wanted to limit the amount of eyes on the opportunity?  Who knows.  Anyhoo, YogaWorks is offering a FREE 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2014, which typically costs around $3,500, at select locations (looks like studios in New York and California).  All you have to do is write an essay in response to this question: what are you excited to learn and how will you apply your training to your life?  Applications are due December 15 so start writing!  Click here for the full details.

For those not looking for teacher training, YogaWorks offers online classes that you can try for free for 14 days.  If you have gone through the free trial and are considering getting the subscription service, you can get 50% off first month’s fees with the promo code MYWYJ50.

Free Online Classes from Yogaworks


Yogaworks is a large chain with studios located all over California and New York.  I came across a deal where you can get a month of free online Yogaworks classes so I’m sharing!  I’ve only taken a handful of classes at a studio in Los Angeles and this was early in my yoga journey so all I remember was feeling very awkward and constantly looking around to see what everyone was doing.  Like with many other sites that offer deals or free trials, you will have to put in your credit card information and remember to cancel prior to the end of your trial.  To get your free month with Yogaworks, just enter code MBGSOCIAL1.